Monday, June 20, 2011

Reality TV Updates - June 2011

It's been a while, but there is a lot going on in reality tv world...

Bachelorette - Well the whole Bentley thing is just stupid. What is it with girls and going after bad boys. I swear I want to grab and SHAKE some of these Bachelorettes. It is even worse when they are past "contestents" and KNOW how the "game" works... Michelle told Ashley Bentley was there for his career... granted he didn't seem to push his career, but he did play his son like a card, publicly say he wished she was Emily and basically be a complete douche... yet stupid girl kept obsessing *sigh* played like a fiddle.

Tonight they boys fought each other in Thailand - Muay Thai though none are trained.... WTF? It was NO shock when Ames was sent to the hospital. What are the producers thinking?! Then poor old Ashley is all, "I care for them, I don't want to see them hurt" really? Did NOBODY think this was a bad idea? a dangerous idea? a potentially harmful idea?

I know three boys will be on Bachelor Pad - I would love to see more JP, William and Blake (if they don't make it to the end ... See my post here)

Big Brother - Starts Thursday July 7. I can't wait. No casting news or twist sharing yet... I can't wait - I really am considering getting live feed since it is on sale - then again, I rarely get time to sit online and watch and may not have time... BUT - it's cheap and I have a fairly lazy few weeks after I get my wisdom teeth out mid-july, so perhaps...

Master Chef - I really love this show. I think it's great to see home cooks from all walks of life come to the show and go through the challenges. I already have some faves. I am excited to see tonight's episode.

SYTYCD - Early faves include Ryan, Jess, and also Tadd, Missy, Melaniel Robert... gah - - - It's too early to tell how they will fair in all the types... but there are some great characters. Of course for the first round, no one was eliminated, which means four will be this week - stress!

In funny, somewhat related news, @dizzyfeet accidently tweeted his phone # thinking he was sending a DM to a friends... oops! Well, I called and got his humourous voicemail basically saying he would not be answering the phone anymore ha ha - changing his number - clearly!

SYTYCD Canada - Premiered tonight. I always love the flavour Canada's show brings. Though I hate when it airs at the same time as the USA one - it's just SO MUCH tv time - - Thank god for PVR!

The Voice - Best new show, I have to say. I am Team Adam.... He has a great team. I really love the banter between the coaches and the social media component... it's awesome to have the tweets going throughout the show.

America's Got Talent
- I have to admit this and Biggest Loser are probably the only two reality shows I do not watch religiously... In fact, I maybe catch one or two a season and do not follow.

Bachelor Pad - I am so psyched this is returning. I really really loved the show last summer... take all the bachelor(ette) rejects and throw them in a house for money and "love" (ahem - sex) See who is cast here.

Expedition Impossible - Premieres after Wipeout on Thursday... I may or may not watch this. I feel a bit full as far as tv goes and I stopped watching Amazing Race a few seasons ago - so I feel like this will be very similar... we`ll see.

Love in the Wild - this I plan to watch. I don`t know why, I just like watching people fall in and out of love in wacky situations ha ha

Am I missing anything?

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