Sunday, June 19, 2011

Miss USA - Alyssa Campanella

I watched... I often do... I still wish the ladies were more curvy than boney, but that's another issue.

From theopening I picked the following favourites on appearence and introduction of themselves ONLY:

-New Mexico
-North Carolina
-Washington State

OF those these made it on and I ranked them as follows:

#1 - California
#2 - Hawaii
#3 - Maryland
#4 - Tennessee
#5 - New Mexico

THEN, slowly they were eliminated. I tweeted my thoughts on the rounds, in particular the evening gowns.

Finally, in the final question it was Texas, Tennesee, California and Alabama.

In the end it was Miss California who won and Miss Tennessee as 1st runner up. I am so shocked that I actually picked the winner as my number one from the start, especially because my favourite is usually eliminated early on!

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