Sunday, June 26, 2011

True Blood Season 4 Episode 1 - Mandy's Mind

If you did not watch the first episode, do not read on as there are spoilers...

So the first 8 minutes was revealed last week and gave us a hint as to what this first episode would offer.

First the fairies are not pretty lil' things.

Tonight's episode gave us even more information...

First, Fairy time is different than real time... Sookie had been gone only about 10 minutes in her eyes, but in fact, it had been over a year since she left Bon Temps for fairy-land.

She returns to find her house has been sold... at the end of the episode we learn Eric bought her house and now "owns her" - rawr! I seriously want to see him own her - - - repeatedly ;) ha ha

Of course when Sookie returns both Eric and Bill "sense" her and as soon as the sun goes down they both appear at her front steps. I loved it.

Jesus and Lafayette are still together and exploring their magical witch side. I am diggin' Lafayette's new 'do - the fro-hawk?!?

The witches will be interesting. They summoned the ghost of Eddie which obviously scared Lafayette into believing the coven was legit... in some ways.

Jason is a police officer and still taking care of Crystal's family, that is until he is thrown into the freezer and locked up. I assume there will be more on this soon.

Andy appears to be addicted to 'V' Meh...

Arlene has her son... with Terry, who in Season 3 believed he was the true father of their unborn son. The baby decapitates barbies, seemingly emulating his biological daddy, season 1 murderer Rene.

Jessica and Hoyt are still living together, though they are not lovey-dovey as they were last season. I predict Jessica will "hunt" and hook up with some fangbangers this season. Deborah Ann Woll is hot - I hope to see her "on the prowl"

Hoyt's mother came to Merlottes with Tommy, who had been shot by Sam at the end of last season. I have no idea what is going on there, but it can not be good. They prayed together before eating biscuits.

I want to see Alcide... with Sookie... almost as much as I want Sookie and Eric... but sadly, there was none of that this episode.

We also learn that Bill has apparently defeated the Queen as one of the witches goes to him after the coven revives a bird, temporarily. I assume she is a double agent type spy for Bill... seeing what powers the witches have... or something...

Did I miss anything? What did you think of tonight's episode?

I have not watched the 2nd episode which is available online as it wasn't loading, but I do plan to tomorrow when it apparently becomes available ondemand ;)

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Anonymous said...

First episode gets a "meh" from me. Way too much content in so little time. It felt as if they had to squeeze the updated lives of the characters as it was too sudden and lacked content in my opinion.