Monday, September 5, 2011

Bachelor Pad 2

I can't believe Kasey & Vienna are still kicking it. I really don't get how or why people keep saving them? Well, I do know why, they have percieved power... but it is not real! Clearly! Erica and Blake let them have the safety roses so that they could get everyone to vote for them to stay, but Michelle and Graham wouldn't do it and so Blake & Erica left, leaving Kirk and Ella to keep playing, which I am happy about.

If Vienna or Kasey win I will boycott!

At this point, all the crew are filming their finale and I tweeted with a few of them about it. I am excited to see Jackie (who is not with Ames anymore and was feeling nervous about the taping, porr thing, I told her to be honest and be herself because that is what we love about her right?) and Gia, who you remember left in tears unable to hack it, she is just too sweet for the show I guess.

Anyhow, a few weeks left and we get a winner. I would love to see Ella/Kirk get it. I do not want Kasey and Vienna to, I don't like Holly, though I do like Michael (and hear they are back together?!?!) I didn't like Michelle and I don't remember Graham, but I like them now... I don't know I am rooting for Ella at this point - yes, her "story" is moving.... Sue me for having emotions!

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