Tuesday, September 6, 2011

#bb13 Spoilers - 7:45pm Sept 6 - Final 4 and New HoH

If you want to know what happened

Kalia was evicted - unsure if it was a tie and Rachel chose or if Adam and Jordan both voted her out. It was 1-1 but Rachel broke the tie to send Kalia out.

Adam is new HoH, Jordan was a close second (only one point behind) It was a true/false trivia based on the fortune teller lines and Adam got 6/6, Jordan 5/6 Porsche only 2-3

We will see this all on Wednesday's "live show" (which was taped tonight) where Julie wears a leopard print dress according to audience members ha ha

and then Thursday is the usual LIVE SHOW with another eviction giving us the Final 3 and probably the first part of the final HoH comp.

Also, they show Shelly arriving to the jury house where things are super uncomfortable.

Details via twitter, mostly @MissCleoBB13 who was at the live taping tonight!

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