Monday, September 5, 2011

Hells Kitchen Top 5

Tonight's episode began with our Top 5, Tommy, Paul, Jennifer, Will and Elise, in their black chef coats. I still do not get how or why Elise is there except that she is drama.

The first challenge had them re-making ugly dishes such as meatloaf, lasagna, tuna casserole, eggplant parm and chicken and dumplings. They had to race around the resturant to grab the plate with the item named on it that they would like to make...


Five Special guest judges ranked them out of 10 each (50 total) on presentation and again (same ranking) on taste. Here is how it worked out:

Tommy - Chicken & Dumplings
Presentation - 44
Taste - 30
Total - 74

I was pretty impressed with how his looked, nice colours, though the liquid was a turn-off he had floating onions like "lily pads" that actually did look "pretty"

Paul - Tuna Casserole
Presentation - 33
Taste - 27
Total - 60

I'd say epic fail on all fronts. He didn't want this dish, he got stuck with it, he used canned tuna which sealed his fate.

Jennifer - Lasagna
Presentation - 28
Taste - 24
Total - 52

She opened by saying she hates lasanga - not exactly a great kick-off. It did look nice, but if I was making it, I would have done lasagna rolls, where you roll and fill a lasagna noodle, so pretty.

Returning Chefs came including Ben s5, Tennille s6, Trevor s8, Jillian s8, Van s6.

They went head to head with current guests and although both had issues in the kitchen 96 % of guests would return tot he current chefs kitchen vs 80% to past guests.

As a reward Ramsay did not send anyone home, even though Jennifer and Elise were the two at risk.

Jennifer alsoa dmited her crush on Paul, in case she was sent home she had to let him know - adorable!

Elise should have left - I despite her!

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