Wednesday, October 26, 2011



There will be more, but let's see what we have so far....

November 2: Taylor Lautner on LENO

November 2: Robert Pattinson on KIMMEL

November 3: Kristen Stewart on LENO & KIMMEL- I am attending Leno

November 4: I have LENO tix so hoping for a Rob booking?

November 7: Taylor Lautner on KIMMEL - I am attending

November 8: Peter Facinelli on REGIS AND KELLY

November 8: Robert Pattinson on LETTERMAN

November 9: Taylor Lautner on REGIS AND KELLY

November 10: Robert Pattinson on REGIS AND KELLY

November 15: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner on ELLEN (airs on 18th)

November 15: Christina Perri on KIMMEL (mini-concert)

November 16: Jackson Rathbone on KIMMEL

November 17: Peter Facinelli on KIMMEL

I am in NYC 15-20th so if any promo happens I shall be there, but it appears they are doing the NYC scene between the Con and the LA Premiere... expect more NYC talk shows added in that time, but I think Kristen may do less because of her SWATH filming - no idea!

either way I am so excited, I have some pending tickets as well as some confirmed tickets but no guests yet (Leno on the 4th for example) so we will see what guests get plugged in, hoping for another Rob at Leno experience, last year I was so lucky to attend when Rob read emails from his dad...

Anyways stay tuned for more!

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