Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jimmy Kimmel - Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and more

Well I am headed to L.A. and as such thought I'd pre-request some talk show tickets "just in case"

I had some luck, some not-so-much.

I know Grauman's Theatre Handprints is Nov 3 so I booked Leno tickets that night, got them, and am still awaiting ot hear whot he guest is.

I know the night before that NOVEMBER 2 - Robert Pattinson is booked on Jimmy Kimmel. Nov 3 Kristen Stewart is booked for Jimmy Kimmel (I didn't request this as there were already otherguests booked and I figured they wouldn't boot them) but a friend got Nov 7 tickets to see Jimmy Kimmel with Taylor Lautner so I am so excited!

I am stil hopeful my Leno tickets will lead to something good.

I also scored some Ferguson tickets with Neil Patrick Harris and some X-Factor tickets - so excited about that!

Lot's of tickets stil pending, so we will see what I get and how I can schedule as much fun as possible into this trip!

If anyone has Kimmel Rob or Kimmel Kristen I'd so be willing to share my tickets if you share yours ;)

Just saying....

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