Saturday, November 5, 2011

Breaking Dawn Convention Day One

It was a later start this year with registration opening at 2pm. I helped with registration most the day but it was an awesome way to see and meet everyone!

On stage today was Tinsel Korey, Mia Maestro, Julia Jones & Booboo Stewart.

I tweeted a few pics and RT'd a few as I was not in the theatre much of the evening.

A group of us went to Pink Taco for dinner then returned to join everyone for karaoke.

We arrived and Mia Maestro was just leaving after an hour, Tinsel Korey however was still there and is actually still down there while I type ha ha she is awesome!

Was a great day to see old and new friends in the Twilight community.

Good things today:
-meet new people/see old friends
-pink taco guacamole
-sleeping in

Not so good things today:
-still sick
-possibly sprained or broke my finger
-pink taco mojitos

Sorry there aren't a lot of photos today.... tomorrow is the "BIG DAY"

Here are some karaoke pics from tonight:


caninecologne said...

heehee! pink taco!

Anonymous said...

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