Thursday, November 3, 2011

Grauman's Handprint Ceremony with Twilight Trio

The unofficial line began last night after Kimmel. Yes some stayed out all night. Others tried to follow the rules and arrived at 6am. Those who followed the rules did not get inside. Those who broke the rules (camping overnight, joining friends in line, etc.) had better luck as the first 100 fans got wristbands and were admited in the fan zone behind / beside the cement ceremony.

The rest got a fan zone on the street, which actually had some better angles.

I was in the fan zone and got a lot of photos of the guests arriving ...

Papa Stew at Ceremony

Proud Parents pose for a photo, Sam Bradley smiles in back ground

Wyck Godfrey waves hello to fans

Steph gave a very moving opening speech

Rob suggested "we all come put our hands in the cement" ha ha
 During the actual ceremony, however, we were blocked byb security and couldn't see very much. I have a few so-so shots I will put on facebook but here is the final product..

My sneak shot between media and security to see the finished product
 The best part of being the first 100 in the fan zone was that the cast came to sign items. I never have items, I shoudl have, but I took photos anyways. I have way more on Facebook - Mandy S Mind.

After the photos they head towards the fan line

Adding fresh cement

Jimmy Kimmel hosting the ceremony

Kristen caught up to Rob along the fan line.

Kristen is sick so she was dragged back inside, she was excellent with fans!

Rob spent the most time with fans, Kristen was a close second, but was sick and she didn't have her brace on her hand (obviously she couldn't for the cementing) but Taylor only saw the first few fans and then disappeared. Not sure why/what happened.

Overall it was a great experience. Afterwards, we whipped over to Jay Leno to see a fantastic interview with Kristen Stewart - don't miss it tonight!!!

Also check out twitter and facebook for more of my pics ;)

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