Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hope to see you out & about

Hey, if you want to stalk  meet up with me while I am on my adventures, here is how:

Currently I am at Seatac with a delayed flight... I will get into Cali this afternoon and after checking in tot he Hyatt probably sswing by Kimmel to catch a glimpse of Rob if I can. Just me a hundreds of other fans I imagine.

Tomorrow I am going bright and early for Grauman's which will allow line-ups starting at 6am. I won't break the rules and go earlier, but I will hope it is run well and all fans get a chance to see the ceremony.

After that I am heading to Leno to see Kristen Stewart. I requested tickets before guests were announced and am pretty psyched it worked out this way.

After Leno we may swing by Kimmel as Kstew is going from Leno there.

Then it's Cretion's official breaking Dawn Convention all weekend.

I will be at the Hyatt til Sunday evening so if you are at the con or any of the above activities look for me and say hi!! I always leave these big events sad I missed out on seeing or finding people I want to meet and see.

Then Sunday until Wednesday I am staying with a group of gals in a cheap downtown motel. We are all hitting various different events over those few days including Leno, Kimmel (I will be there for Taylor Lautner) X-Factor and maybe even some Price is Right tee hee!

Wednesday I move in with a different group of gals to a different hotel at LA LIVE and we prepare for the Premiere Camp-Out. I am so excited, this is my first camp out for a Twilight Premiere, well, any premiere really (except WFY NYC but that was brutal rain and cold and I prefer to pretend it  did not happen because it just about broke me!)

Anyhow, after the premiere I head to NYC and get to see another group of wonderful gals that I adore and we have a few things planned including the screening for Breaking Dawn and the midnight release and of course everything New York that is fun

Tweet me if you are around at any of these and hopefully we can meet up for a hello, a hug, a drink!!!


Twired Jen said...

Hey lady - So how does the hubs feel about this extended travel? LOL!

Looking forward to seeing you again LA. You have a lot of stuff planned!

Safe travels!

xo J

Anonymous said...

Send any pics you can! Have fun! WIsh I could be so lucky to attend all that you will be enjoying!!! Still worried about Bill Condon - hope he can pull this off/