Friday, November 18, 2011

4 times a charm...

Today I watched Breaking Dawn a third and fourth time.

Today was all kinds of awesome.

New York has been amazing, besides the rain....

Arrived Tuesday and stayed in for tv and chinese food, Wednesday went to Wicked, ate a diner with friends and then lucked into an advanced screening of Breaking Dawn while looking for the mini-premiere (which was at Sunshine)

Then today went to Serendipity and had frozen hot chocolate, sat next to the table they filmed at for the movie Serendipity, shopped, went to an amazing candy shop, had some dinner, attended the Twi-Mom's screening of Breaking Dawn, then the midnight release of Breaking Dawn. Was great to see so many friendly and familiar faces :)

But a very long day again!


I have to say I have this movie memorized at this point, yet I STILL can't place every song... go check out my scene by scene soundtrack post and comment if you can help fill it in completely!

Also once you have seen the movie check out my SPOILER FILLED review and leave your own thoughts ;)

Best part of the midnight screening was the Hunger Games and SWATH trailer before hand... and the Hunger Games swag we got as we left (posters and buttons) I grabbed extras as I am stocking up on Hunger Games SWAG for a future blog give away ;)

Tomorrow I leave hotels and go stay with a friends for my last two nights travelling... Sunday I finally go home!

Can you believe we have a YEAR for BD 2????

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