Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Some of my Black Carpet Photos (More on Facebook)

Here are some of my hundreds of Black Carpet photos.... I have another memory card still to upload also, but I am in NYC and being too lazy so time to get out of thishotel room and see the city! I even missed TODAY with Nikki, Ashley and Jackson this morning - - - boo!

Anyways, lot's of Breaking Dawn celebs and other celebs in these photos and on the carpet, my pics are not great but enjoy anyways :)

*Sorry for the watermark across the middle, I didn't have time to customize eachphoto with a watermark or tag that fit in a certain spot or corner - - - batch watermarked

Many more on facebook under Mandy S Mind

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kathryn311 said...

Thanks for sharing Mandy-Trying to figure out if I'm up for the camping event for the premiere next year. I've heard good and bad-Will finally see B.D. I tomorrow evening. Can't wait!