Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thursday - Sunday in TentCity3

It has been a few days, I apologize it has been go go go, I have so many photos and things to share, most have been tweeted so check out my timeline for daily happenings.

Since it has been a few days I will try to go through as much as I can from the days...


Thursday Morning the 6am non-line was a terrible mess. We were first told as JW MArriott hotel guests we could stay on property at our hotel and join the line at 6am when it was going to form. THEN we were told at 5:45am to go across the street to an empty parking lot to join a mob of 300+ people. The men instructing us in conflicting ways were not identified as even being associated with Summit, but some fans from past years recognized them and said they were legit....

We all stood in clusters in this parking lot off property and waited for isntructions that came few and far between from one man in a John Deere hat who would wander the lot talking to who ever was in ear shot. No mega phone, not even a loud voice... we relied on he-said rumours like a game of telephone as to what was going on.

 One man was given the power to choose who he wanted to go in line first, while others sat in their groups quietly, hoping to be chosen. It felt like being picked last for the kick-ball team in school.

He was rude and degrading to some groups, calling the NZ boys "kiwi's your up" and "Florida, come on" or making groups do tricks "Say please in French" one group commented on this and he said "I like this power" it was unbelievable!

There was no rhyme or reason to how he chose people, our group was among many that obeyed his instructions and moved to the back of the mob, was quiet, didn't raise our hands or follow him around... yet we were among the last chosen for his line.

The first 500 or so were processed and set up in the plaza and LA Live. This became "Tent City 1"

After hours (no joke) with no information as to if we would get in, when we would get in, if there were multiple tenting areas, what was going on, many at the back of the line got angry. No one would give us information, many were interviewed by news reporters wondering why weren't as happy and excited as the front of the line or the people sitting outside their tents in the plaza....

Finally, Summit sent reps down to address our concerns and let us know there would be another location and there was only one person typing in each persons information and that was why it took so long (at this point is was about 2pm and we started the line 6am)

Around 4pm we were told they would just give us wristbands and we should come back ay 6:30pm and line up by number so they could process us in order at 7pm.

When we got our wristbands and went up to our hotel room we noticed the numbers were out of order. Our group had numbers ranging between 627 - 658 and there were only 12 of us.... the security just grabbed a bunch of wristbands randomly and handed htem out in no particular order...

At 6:30pm when I arrived they had began to pricess people who were there, not in order, into Camp City 2. There were people in the 660s in tent City 2 while people in the 620s were putinto Tent City 3.

We had been told we would be tent City 2 but when we were placed it was tent City 3 mainly because they started processing people before 7pm (before 6:30PM EVEN) and because wristbands had been handed out basically randomly after Tent City 1 filled up. (As seen when people in front of us got higher # wristbands than us, even though they were wristbanded 2 minutes before us??!)

We soon were deemed the "ghetto" or "section 8 housing" because not only were we the last to get our housing assigned... we didn't have a tent/canopy available until the next morning. We were told we could camp out tonight but we would need to tear down our tent at 6am and reset up at 9am after the large canopy was erected.


That night they played Twilight on the big screen in tent city 1. Tent City 2 could also view it from their tents, but since tent city 3 was located down the street/around the corner, we were unable to view from our area. There was a small space between tent city 1 and 2 where we could bring our chairs to set up and watch. I tried to go watch with friends in tent city 1 and security told me "black wristbands were not allowed inside"

Of course the segregation of fans began as the pruple/black wristbands became labels as to who we were. It was ridiculous because we had purple wristbanders in tent city 3 camping yet with my black wristband we were somehow restricted from the tent cities with view of movies.

Regardless, we got tents set up and joined in shortly after the movie started.

There was popcorn from yahoo which all campers had access to as wella s starbucks mint hot cocoa or coffee which allw ristbanders had access to.

Jack Morrissey came and walked through tent city 1 and visited with fans and talked to us in the space between tent city 1 and 2 and things seemed to be ok.


The next morning the tent'/canopy did not start getting built until after 9am and wasn't finished until 2pm.

We sat on the sidewalk watching and waiting before we could move/set-up our tents and FINALLY be settled.

It was Day 2 (Friday) and while Tent City 1 and 2 had been settled for 24 hours, we were just now getting things organized. Still, it felt good to have a "home" at last.

We quickly bonded over the ordeal and joked we were Section 8 housing.

Friday night we got into Tent City 1 (Summit Reps clarified the wristbands were all access and not to "discriminate" against black wristbands) and we enjoyed watching New Moon from the side of Tent City 1. It felt nice being in the plaza with the 500 + campers of Tent City 1, like a real community because of how big and wide the space was.  Yahoo handed out cotton candy and we all had a blast.

When we walked back from the movie Kellan Lutz was by our tents. He had just arrived (his car parked at the end of the street where Tent City 3 is) and was walking towards the plaza with donuts. He had stopped to talk to a few fans in Tent City 3 who had skipped New Moon.

He handed out a few donuts and when he heard the movie was over he said he had to go to the plaza first but would be back on his way out.

We later learned via his twitter that he wasn't allowed to hand out the 50 dozen donuts he bought (he had only got thru one box with the few fans who had skipped the movie, before he was told he could not hand them out)

Anyways, Kellan was gone a while then, sure enough, on his way back to his car he walked our line of people and did a few autographs and photos before leaving. Just like he said he would do after he hit the plaza (Tent City 1)

It was a good thing he returned since only 30 or so fans had even seen him the first time around as most of us were at New Moon in the plaza.

Some think we got extra benefits because of the donuts or because we happened to see him briefly when he arrived, but mainly it was just circumstances that meant a few people (12) got donuts and saw him on his way to the plaza.


Saturday morning Stephenie Meyer came with autographed Breaking Dawn books for everyone. Again the car parked at the end of the street so she walked past tent City 3 first on her way to the Plaza.

It was very cool because three (I think?) books had Golden Stickers inside them and those people won a meet and greet with Steph in the twi-fi lounge and also tickets to the premiere and the after-party!


I knew one of the winners as the two guys from NZ (Jay & Rob) - they had been at the Convention and were memorable characters from Tent City 2.

Everyone was excited to have that once in a lifetime experience to meet Stephenie Meyer and get an autogrpahed book - absolutely amazing experience!

Later in the day there was a Soundtrack concert in front of Tent City 1 / in the plaza. Tent City 2 was behind the stage and tent City 3 down the street so both of us were moved to the pit between the stage and tent city 1 (the plaza) this was the same spot they set up the popcorn and cotton candy stands for movie nights.

We had a great time at the show. Charlie Bewley hosted and said some off the wall things as always. Mia Maestro performed along with Imperial Mammoth, Sleeping at Last, Cider Sky Band, Aqua Lung Music, Lucy Schwartz. It was so awesome to hear some real talent as well as live performances of songs from the movies. Rumours had been around Christina Perri and Bruno Mars may come, but those were false... just another example of how misinformation circulates = people should really get the facts before broadcasting information until it is confirmed... or state that it isn't confirmed.

I got some great photos I have finally uploaded to my laptop but still need to post... soon - i promise!

After the concert we returned to our tents and started thinking about dinner. All the resturants here have Happy Hours and we have been taking full advantage of them!

We noticed sonme posters near our tents. It was like Santa delivered us gifts. There were some Breaking Dawn posters left and two or three people even had a calendar lef toutside their tent door!! I got a Jacob poster, but that is cool because my daughter loves Jacob.

We saw Summit reps and thanked them for the goodies, we thought maybe it was something special because of the hell we experienced with no tents the first night etc. etc. but they said they had planned to do it for everyone anyways...

On our way to the plaza to choose which place to eat dinner we saaw some of the bands walking back to the parking garage and chatting with fans as they went. We talked to a few as we passed and even stopped to get a photo with Lucy Schwartz by tent city 1 / the plaza as she was near the registration desk talking to some fans.

Then we headed to dinner. Mexican food mmmm - I love guacamole!

We were a bit late to Eclipse and a bit tipsy from some super strong margarita's

I went to bed early because I was still feeling sick and the exhaustion was catching up to me.


Today, Sunday, we woke up early and waited for the brunch rumoured to be coming along with 5 cast members.

Tent City 1 had moved early in the morning because they needed to set up for the black carpet/event Monday. They were now across/behind Tent City 2 on Staples Centre plaza.

Cast arrived and went to all three camps as we now formed a "U" shape around the street where tent city 3 is located.

Peter Facinelli, Booboo Stewart, MyAnna Buring, Casey LaBow, Jackson Rathbone were the cast and they were fabulous going through the line of fans autographing and taking photos (when their handlers would allow it - which wasn't too often but sometimes)

It was really a good time for all having the cast come out and spend time with fans.

Lot's of swag was handed out. Our particular area (Tent City 3) didn't get any of the posters as they went out at Tent City 1 first, but we did get cool Breaking Dawn fans. Some got t-shirts but it seemed they were limited and only did a few to each of the sections (Tent City1, 2, 3) and ALL the cast went to ALL the sections.... it was just amazing!

The only downside to that was the media in the street kind of blocking and taking time to interview the cast. Do not get me wrong, this is as much a media thing as a fan thing, but I think they could have had some time at the end to interview them not pull them from fans throughout.

After the exciting mornign we went for lunch then I fell asleep while uploading photos.

I am truly exhausted!

I am not sure what, if anything is planned tonight, I know there is apodcast with Yahoo hosted by Laura at Twilight Lexicon but not sure what else since there won't be movie night.

I am so excited for tomorrow.

I know it has been a crazy rollercoaster of a few days, with a rough start and some bumps along the way, but overall I am just happy to be here experiencing the good, the bad and the beautiful!

Tomorrow should be interesting. They are having fans arrive according to wristband #. The first group (#1-300) arrives 2pm, #301-600 arrives 2:30pm, #601-900 (that's me) arrives 3pm, #901-1200 arrives 3:30pm, #1201+ arrives 3:30pm.

So esssentially Tent City1, then 2, then 3, then late comers.....

We have no idea how they will place them but rumour is everyone will be happy and that the first 700 or so are red carpet and the rest bleachers.

I am hoping to have a ncie spot, though to be honest, I would be ok with first row or two int he belachers since I have been so sick, standing again for hours may kill me ha ha - but I will take whatever I get, I have come too far to not just go with the flow...

I promise to try and post some photos tonight if I can but as you can imagine by reading this (or even parts, I apologize it is so long) things have been hectic and I haven't had a lot of down time to sit and type :)

Thanks for reading, I wish you were all here to experience this craziness.... I am not sure I would do it again or not, I know there will be changes next year so perhaps I would give it another go - I have met the most amazing people and despite stupidity of some fans, overall, there are some incredible people here that are or have become life long friends!!

Thanks for Reading!


Jaymes805 said...

WOW....Sounds SO fun! I wish I was able to go but sadly I couldn't swing it. Next year definitely.

Thanks for sharing it all with us and I hope you feel better soon!!! :(

jodi b said...

Just wanted to say thanks for your twitter updates and blog posts describing your adventures. You have inspired me to make the journey next year!
Thanks and kudos to you!!

LuvsMeSumEdward said...

Wow...sounds like this has been quite the experience! Thanks for sharing it with us! Hopefully tomorrow will be amazing and it will make the past couple of days well worth it!

Twi-Lin said...


I'm so excited for you and the others at tent city that get to be a part of this amazing pop cultural experience!

I'm living vicariously through you and the others! We appreciate your tweets and your blog post of what is going on down in LA.

Take care and I hope you get a great spot tomorrow! Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your experience!

miss tejota said...

Take 2

Unfortunately, every camp out has it's issues. All studios act like it's the first time they have ever done anything, but in reality that isn't the case. It bothers me that you all had such a bad beginning, but I'm thrilled that after the heartache goodness came.

I hope that it only gets better and better.

Have fun tomorrow and see you soon.

Tracey said...

Enjoyed meeting you in tent city 3. Hopefully tomorrow goes well!

Good Luck! See you tomorrow!

(I still think those in tent city 3 should have t-shirts made...)



Snarkier Than You said...

I was following along on Twitter when I could - sounds like it was a wild & crazy few days! And sounds like it was all worth it when it was said & done, too - WOOT!

See you Thursday!