Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Breaking Dawn Soundtrack - Scene by Scene *UPDATED*

Tent City was surprised with a soundtrack concert where 5 artists from the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtrack performed for us. I have photos and video clips I can't wait to share, but for now, I wanted to get this post up and started.

I was lucky enough to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 at the L.A. Premiere and three times in NYC. I tried to remember where each song was heard so I could develop a list as I have before of scene by scene soundtrack songs.
*************** SPOILERS (kind of) ************************
(1) "End tapes" - Joy Formadable - Credits
(2) "Love will take you" - Angus & Julia Stone - Wedding reception when Bella meets Denali's
(3) "Let it Rain" - Bruno Mars - Briefly when they walk out to car for honeymoon and Credits
(4) "Turning Page" - Sleeping at Last - First walking down the aisle at wedding (instrumental) & Honeymoon Sex Scene
(5) "From Now On" - The Features - honeymoon seduction and playfulness (When Edward tries to distract Bella from wanting sex and she tries to flirt and get her way)
(6) "A Thousand Years" - Christina Perri - Credits
(7) "Neighbours" - Theophilus London - reception when Jacob gets mad and wolf pack comes
(8) "I didn't mean it" - The Belle Brigade - After credits during bonus scene (Volturi)
(9) "Sister Rosetta" - Noisettes - Bella nervous/preparing for her first night with Edward on honeymoon "human minutes"
"Northern Lights" - Cider Sky - Bella & Jacob dance at wedding
(11) "Flightless Bird" - Iron & Wine - Throw-Back - During Wedding Vows
(12) "Requiem on Water" - Imperial Mammoth - Bella realizing she is pregnant while on honeymoon
(13) "Cold" - Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz - Researching "vampire babies" wanting to go hunt, Bella takes bath, etc.
(14) "Lovera" - Mia Maestro - Honeymoon Ocean Scene
(15) "Love Death Birth" - Carter Burwell - Birth Scene, Bella's transformation
(Bonus track) "Like a drug" - Hard-fi - Alice & Jasper's dance?
(Bonus track) "Eclipse [All Yours]" - Wedding
(Bonus track) "Bella's Lullabye" - Throwback - Dancing at wedding and when Edward hears baby's thoughts.

During the reception there were a few songs playing but you couldn't always tell which was which...
There were also "throw-backs" to past soundtracks (including Metric and Sia), which was fitting since they were getting married and there are moments when their past relationship and remembering is relevant.

******* WILL UPDATE ASAP****************

Past Sountracks - Scene by Scene


TheRugbymom said...

Why did I not get these bonus tracks of which you speak?

Jennifer F. said...

Just got home from early screening (loved it btw!) and I am now looking through this post--didn't want to look and spoil anything before! I'm not very familiar with this soundtrack yet, so didn't notice a lot of the songs, but I did notice Eclipse (All Yours) playing at the wedding. Can't remember if it was during their kiss or first reception song. I think it was the next song after Flightless Bird though, and it was just instrumental.

JALange81 said...

I think 'A Thousand Years' was playing in the background of the walk up the aisle and first part of wedding. Flightless Bird was the kissing at the end of the wedding.

Genia said...

and Bella's lullaby was also used during the transformation process, when they showed flashbacks of her life since Edward came in and when she was a baby...

Mandy, I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful blog! I've been hanging out here for a while now :) and just started commenting! thanks for all your work, you truly make my life better :)

Anonymous said...

hi! i was waiting for your scene by scene soundtrack just like what you posted before (new moon and eclipse).

hmmm but does anyone know the song played when edward was driving going to their honeymoon. (edward asking bella is she was ready, and then you'll hear howling of a wolf in the ackground too.) gah i cant sleep thinking of that song/music. i need to download it now.. hehe

thanks for posting this.

LuvsMeSumEdward said...

Yes...I was hoping to find a list like this!

Neighbors was played during the reception, it's when Bella is talking to Jacob.

I also think Bella's Lullabye is playing there at the end as Bella is remembering everything, just before she opens her eyes.

Thanks for putting this together :)

caninecologne said...

@JALange81 - The song played while she was walking down the aisle was the instrumental version of "Turning Page". They also played "Turning Page" (with the lyrics) again during the honeymoon/sex scene. It was well done. I believe the reception band was playing an insrumental version of "All Yours" from Eclipse.

I liked how Carter Burwell infused "Bella's Lullabye" in key moments of the movie. It is part of "Love Birth Death"

Mandy thanks for placing the songs scene by scene. Hopefully the other songs can be placed as well.

Watched it once and plan to watch it tomorrow...Loved the movie!

Megi said...

please anybody tell me, what the music is when edward is driving going to rio. in the list it is not.. if anybody know please tell me, thanks

Jeny said...

I think there's an instrumental version of My Love- Sia just before the humans are in front of the cake