Monday, January 16, 2012

Bachelor Ben Breaks some more hearts... and gets a little heart breaking himself...

Another Bachelor Night, two one on ones and a group date... as always there was drama with a "mystery" guest from Ben's past arriving and a fainting girl at the rose ceremony... never a dull moment on Bachelor read on for more on the episode and my opinions :) More... The first one-on-one was with Emily, who I adore. She is cute and their date was pretty unusual. Climbing up the Bay Bridge... and she is scared of heights.

they made it up the bridge and had a romantic dinner date where she indeed got a rose to stay and kissed as fireworks went off in the background

What was most funny about this date, was that the girls at the hotel could see themon the bridge through a telescope and then saw the fireworks later in the night.

Group Date

It was hilarious to see the lil' snow bunnies skiing down the streets of San Fran in bikini's

The evening...always the most drama with "stealing away" Ben.

I do like the connection between Kasey B and Ben, but from what I hear Ben likes party-girls which is NOT what he neesd long term - let's wait and see.

Blakely complained to Ben how she wasn't accepted by the other girls, Ben told her to focus on their relationship and not the other girls.

Rachel got the rose on the group date.

The second one-on-one date went to Brittney, but after some deliberation she decided she couldn't deal with this process and interupted Ben's group date to say good-bye and not waste a one-on-one date in his hometown with her. Shocking, I wonder what her grandma will say.

Lyndzi got the 2nd one-on-one date after Brittney left. I actually had expected her to get it originally. As a Seattle girl, I hope she will stick around for a while... I still can't believe she rode in on a HORSE!

Their date was really great, she got the rose, and I am starting to like her more and more.

Cocktail Party #3

The "mystery" women is on the way. From spoilers I knew it was Shawntel from Brad's season. They had texted a lot and she felt there was a connection and decided to pop in.

It was a bit awkward with Jennifer and Ben, but it was cute he told her (and his sister) that she was the best kisser in the house. LOL what was odd was her feeling like she was in love already

Courtney is such a bitch. She was so snarky and insulting everyone else. She tried to start stuff with Lyndzi saying Lyndzi looks other girls up and down juding them.

Then she left with Ben putting on her sweet face again, it makes me sick! She says Ben and her have a strong connection so she doesn't feel threatened by the other girls, yet she talks down to them and acts so catty, it is clear she is insecure!

Nicky did a cool game like the newlywed game.

Shawntel joined the cocktail party and the girls went nuts!! It was hilarious!

She interupts Elyse and Ben's time together and admitted her feelings for him and hoped he would give her a rose to stay and get to know each other, or send her home and end it now.

The girls went catty on her, poor Shawntel, I really do adore her!

Erika's reaction made me no longer indifferent to her but not like her at all. "thicker thighs" really?

Elyse's whole "what do you know about him" is stupid because Elyse just met him too.

Courtney's objections are no surprise, she's a bitch "he could have shut her down real quick" then she claims she would not accept a rose from ben - oh we can only wish Courtney goes home, no I wish she went home week one!

I was also upset that Rachel was so catty. I didn't like her, then I started to, and now I don't again.

Jaclyn's cattiness didn't surprise me either, I don't like her anyways.

Emily was honest, she thought they had chemistry, I agree, Shawntel and him would be so adorable together, but ultimately it is Ben's decision, though knowing who he chooses in the end, I have to say Ben is clearly an idiot.

Rose Ceremony

Rachel, Lyndzi, Emily have roses from the dates.

11 roses left, 2 will be sent home.

Courntey - booo and her stupid speech to him was b.s.

Kasey B - ok

Elyse - booo she's kind of a bitch too

Jamie - I like her, though she wasn't in the episode much tonight

Jennifer - they are so awkward together, beside the "good kissing"

Kasey S - fine

Blakeley - whatever

Monica - I like her, not to win, but for entertainment

Nicky - I used to like but she was so emotional tonight

Samantha - barely in this episode, but i do like her

Final rose...

Jaclyn, Erika, Shawntel left... Erika feels nauseated, Jaclyn is bitchy, Shawntel looks nervous, Erika passes out... drama!

Kasey B blames the "three-ring-circus" on Shawntel. Other girls describe the scene as chaotic and all Shawntel's fault - um really?

Anyways, back to Erika, Jaclyn, Shawntel... I'd pick Shawntel to stay... Erika and Jaclyn shouldn't be there... to be honest, nor should half the girls with roses but Ben's an idiot.

Sadly, or excitedly, he doesn't hand out the final rose... ha ha

Jaclyn, Shawntel, Erika all leave... Erika half faints - again... imagine that... *eyeroll*

I actually (knowing who he picks) think that once he sees the entire season he may change his mind... hopefully... maybe pick Shawntel anyway?

or maybe he will stick with his choice and they will end like every other Bachelor couple in history....... NOT MARRIED! ha ha

ok, Bachelorette's have a better track record, but besides Trista & Ryan, who has lasted? I mean Jason & Molly but he had chose Melissa originally.

Anyways... next week looks like Ben sends someone home during group date and no surprise more Courtney drama....

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