Friday, January 20, 2012

True Blood Season 5

According to Casting Calls we get some insight on June 2012's True Blood Season 5. More...
Casting Call – added 10.26.11 Filming on True Blood season 5 gets underway shortly, and we have the scoop on new characters being cast for the season premiere, titled “Turn! Turn! Turn!” Ready? The werewolf community is in an uproar following Marcus’ death in the season 4 finale. The show is casting Rikki, a “dirty-beautiful werewolf” in her mid-20s who wants to know what happened to Marcus. She’s a recurring character, so it sounds like she could cause trouble for Sam and Alcide. Speaking of Alcide, are we about to meet Herveaux Senior? True Blood is casting J.D., a “particularly large Marine-type” werewolf in his 50s, for a recurring role. He refuses to acknowledge the new pack leader, which sounds awfully similar to a certain storyline in book 5. A confirmed parental unit is Annie, Marcus’ mother, who shows up to find out what happened to her son. She’s a powerful, respected werewolf within the pack and is determined to perform a particular ritual. Meanwhile, it sounds like Sam might be in trouble. A pair of weres, Danielle and Kenneth, are being cast in connection with a prisoner who is being interrogated…about the death of Marcus? Or something else? We’ll meet Holly’s two teenage sons, Rocky who thinks his Mom is an idiot (as teenagers do) and Wade who still gives her the benefit of the doubt. Jason and Jessica are still hot and heavy, attending a frat party together where they meet Cammy, who’s totally into Jason, and Zander who has the hots for Jessica. It’s not all gravy for the pair, though. The show is casting Buddy, a friend of Hoyt’s who works on the Renard Parish road crew and mocks Jason. In addition to Nora, the Authority double-agent (and sired sister of Eric), we’ll meet Hayes, a large vampire of Eastern European descent who the Authority send to deliver the True Death to “some other vampires”. Thinking back to why Nan visited Bon Temps last, are those “other vampires” Bill & Eric? In possibly related casting, the show is looking for a woman to play Cat, a no-nonsense vampire in her 40s who works with the vampire underground railroad. Who is she helping get out of Bon Temps? Or is she helping someone get into Bon Temps? And finally, we’ll be flashing back to when Sookie was 12 and being bullied by a couple of boys in gym class. Via her telepathy, she reveals something private about one of them, Donnie, which both confuses and pisses him off.

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