Monday, January 23, 2012

Bachelor Recap Jan 23

I watched tonight's episode - here is a summary / recap as well as my opinions on the ladies and their antics..... More... They are in Utah...

It actually rains, snows and is sunny all in one episode.

One-on-one date - Rachel

They leave via helicopter for an outdoorsy date. The conversation was awkward and in frequent, she admits she has a hard time opening up and communicating, but she also mentioned how it was kind of late for a first date... which to me indicates she has no time for holding back... I like Rachel, she is pretty and fun, but a little weak with her social skills.

She gets a rose

Group Date

Blakely, Courtney, Kacie B, Samantha, Lyndzi, Nicki, Kacey S, and one more.

Horse back riding, fly fishing, evening date.

Courtney, as always pulls Ben away...she catches a fish. In the evening, the girls try to get their one-on-one time by interupting each other and being catty. Ben sent Samantha home, telling the girls he promised to be honest in this process.

Inside note: Samantha allegedly had feelings for a producer and asked to be let go from the show, so her whole "going home" things was not entirely the whole story.

Kacie B and Ben send some quality time together, I am really loving their connection, and they make Courtney upset and insecure so I love it!

After some make-out time with Kacie B, Courtney and Ben go off to sit by the fire. Courtney claims she is having a difficult time dealing with everything and Ben decides to give her the rose, even tho9ugh he had planned to give it to someone else - geezus he is an idiot! But she is clearly pure evil genius.

Monica, Elyse, Rachel, Emily, are back at hotel bad mouthing Courtney (though not lying at all, just being honest about how horrible she is)

One-on-one - Jennifer

The go down into a cave and swim, thunder and rain come in the evening, but overall they seem to have a good date. She is quite reserved and again, I think at this stage in the game the ladies need to put themselves out there. They attend a Clay Walker concert in the middleof nowhere.

She got the rose.

Meanwhile back at home, Emily is with some gals in the bathroom highlighting her hair and drinking and bad mouthing Courtney somemore. I can't even call it catty anymore, I can only call it honesty. Courtney is pure evil!

Cocktail Party

Rachel, Courtney & Jennifer discuss how great it is to be safe.

Emily is confused on what Ben wants, based on how different the three girls with roses are.

Ben arrives and thanks the ladies for being open to the process.... same old song and dance. He thinkshis wife is in the room.

Emily starts to freak out about Courtney misleading Ben and decides to tell Ben what's up.

Emily calls Courtney a statue...Beautfiul but cold and hard. I don't think Courtney is pretty to be honest. She is kind of troll like. Plus how she acts makes her uglier.

When she talks to Ben, he gives her an "out" by saying, "I don't know who it is and I don't expect you to throw anyone under the bus..." but then she says who it is by saying she got the rose on the group date. Ben then says she will drive herself nuts if she focuses on this person instead of their (his and her) relationship... she then panics she insulted him and worries she is being sent home.

Casey S backs up Courtney when Emily admits she tried to talk to Ben about Courtney. Casey S insists she is a sweet girl but Emily is confused why Casey S is the only one who doesn't see it. They agree to disagree, but Casey S runs to Courtney OF COURSE. After spilling and exagerating the conversation to Courtney, Courtney loses her mind.

She then engages in confrontation and "mean girl" antics at Emily. Rose Ceremony

-Lindzi - liking her more and more

-Jaime - not much of her this episode

-Nicki - liking her more lately also

-Kacie B - loving her best for Ben

-Elyse - She's ok

-Blakely - not much of her this time around, but she seems less evil now that Courtney has won that craycray award

-Casey S - boooooo

-Emily - stays, thank goodness, after her conversation with Ben about Courtney I was worried. Leaving:

-Samantha was already sent home -Monica goes - I love her but not for Ben, more for having in the house with all the women. Her first night she was hitting on Blakeley, she got involved in the cat fights and was always speaking her mind. She didn't have much screen time this episode, I knew she wouldn't last, but I adore her!

As they "Cheers" Courtney says, "I can go higher" with her glass - seriously? That "model" is so insecure she covers up with this super fake obsessive confidence... she drives me nuts!

Next Week

- going to Puerto Rico

-11 women left

-Looks like Elyse gets one-on-one on a boat

-more Courtney/Emily drama on a group date

-Kacie B, Lindzi, Niki also appear to be on group date

-Skinny dipping for Ben and Courtney

Also during credits we see Blakeley "stomping" she is pretty good

And that was tonight's episode... thoughts?

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