Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Channing Tatum.... SNL, The Vow Premiere

Love Channing Tatum.... and his wife Jenna Dewan, though I am incredibly jealous of her....

Heading to NYC for the Feb, 4 weekend to try and see Channing Tatum at SNL.

I may or may not stop in LA on my way home to try and go to 'The Vow' premiere... that movie is going to be amazing.

Why the sudden "fly around the world for Channing?"

I am glad you ask, besides being crazy.... clearly.... I realized I travel SO MUCH for Twilight, and to be honest, Channing is "my Rob"

Yes, I love Channing more than Rob, he is #1 on my list... followed by Ryan Gosling, in case you care... my Freebie list - the list of men I can freely adore ad obsess over without criticism from my husband... well... he criticizes, but ya....

So, with Channing's big year - I decided to try to meet him - finally

If I fail at SNL and possibly The Vow Premiere, I still have GI Joe, Magic Mike, 21 Jump Street (so far) this year... he wasn't at the AFI screening of Haywire in November (sad) but this is the year of Channing - I will meet that man... *sigh* Wish me Luck ;)

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