Sunday, April 29, 2012

Robert Pattinson in Vancouver

Rob has arrived in Vancouver this afternoon after leaving DC and having an alleged lay-over in Houston TX (It was actually a lay-over in Seattle) Oops - I was napping.... missed the news...

Anyhow, there are photos of him in Vancouver and @PunkD_Images has stated Kristen and Michael Sheen are also in town... Here is his iphone pic of Rpattz:

I would love to meet Michael Sheen again... well... I didn't really meet him last time, I only "saw" him as he walked by me with a bunch of people to get into a car... I would love a photo with him....

that being said, i am guessing most reshoots are in Squamish, and I have every little desire to go out that far. *sigh* we will see.

I don't have any urge to try and get pics with/of Rob or Kristen because I think that will be a gong show AND I have before (and will again in November I hope ha ha!)

The good news is there are some reliable local photographers who are all over it and will be tweeting pics and news as it becomes available - yay!

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