Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bachelorette Emily Maynard's 25 men revealed

Here are her choices.... Some good looking fella's
Charlie, 32, Recruiter

Michael, 26, Rehab Consultant

Nate, 25, Accountant

Doug, 33, Real Estate

Sean, 28, Insurance Agent

Joe, 27, Field Energy

Chris, 25, Corporate Sales Director

Stevie, 26, Party MC

Jackson, 29, Fitness Model

Kalon, 27, Luxury Brand Consultant

John, 30, Data Destruction Specialist

Randy, 30, Marketing Manager

Aaron, 36, Biology Teacher

Alejandro, 25, Mushroom Farmer

David, 33, Singer-Song Writer
Tony, 31, Lumber Trader

Alessandra, 30, Grain Merchant

Travis, 30, Advertising Sales Rep

Brent, 41, Tech Salesman
Arie, 30, Racecar Driver

Kyle, 29, Financial Advisor

Lerone, 29, Real Estate

Ron, 31, Pro Sports Trainer
Jean-Paul, 35, Marine Biologist

Jef, 27, Entrepreneur

What do you think?

I have read Reality Steve Spoilers so I know the final 3 men... *IF* I didn't I would say my picks based on "photo/age/job" only would be:

Arie - He is a race car driver, like Emily's ex and "true love" plus he is so pretty!
Nate, Sean, Chris, Aaron, Travis are all good looking. I like that Aaron is a teacher, though older than the other guys. Travis is hot! So is Sean! Yummy! Chris has a look I like, though not conventionally hot like Travis and Sean. Nate is more pretty boy - gah - they are all delicious to look at HA!

Jef (one f) has weird hair, but is otherwise cute.

Stevie, a party MC? Emily has a daughter and I don't think she would be into that... just saying.
Ron looks to jacked up

I don't like the long hair Michael, Joe, Alessadra or even Randy. I also don't like the no hair of Lerone.

I can't wait to see their personalities, at which time I will re-rank/comment..... though it is based on the editing of each person - but whatever!

I can't wait to watch this season!

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