Thursday, May 3, 2012

Breaking Dawn ReShoots Wrap in Vancouver

Short and Sweet.

Luckily the local photogs got shots for us fans of the couple arriving and now leaving Vancouver. What I don't understand is why they returned to Vancouver for re-shoots if they only used studio. They used Louisiana studios for original filming and Vancouver was mostly exteriors in Squamish and Coquitlam. So... why return here for just studios when they have plenty in L.A.

I don't know what was shot, or where they shot (besides studio) but given the short time frame, I don't think they would have stayed at a Vancouver hotel and trekked out to Squamish each day.... and I didn't see anything unusual on Coquitlam.... hmmmm....

Anyways, here are various shots of Rob and Kristen leaving YVR/Vancouver. *sigh* it is REALLY over....

[Source: LaineyGossip, PunkD_Images, Here]

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