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Bachelorette Season Premiere

Premiere of Bachelorette - Emily - was tonight.... I already posted the bio's of all the men here, but below I give more impressions/thoughts on the men based on tonight's episode. There are spoilers so click to read more if you have seen or don't care about being spoiled. Please comment below with your thoughts :)


We had some background info on a few men, then their arrivals and finally their interactions at the cocktail party... Here we go:

Background Clips:

Helicopter Kalon "young fun good looking guy with a few dollars in my pocket" he seems egotistical an admited past "womanizer" Saying you are more "down to earth" now doesn't make it real. But the money is attractive.

Ryan is cute, he works with kids, I think he seems sweet, the petting a dog by the waterfall sold me.

Tony is from Beaverton which is where my girl @steeners41 is from. He is a daddy to a 5 year old, which made me love him even more.

Lerone has a yuppie dog in LA and does Real Estate. Although he seems fit and kind, he seems a tad bland.

David in the singer/songwriter from NYC. I don't see him as being Emily's type - not that I know her personally, but she is NOT big city and based on the singing we heard - he isn't going to be a successful singer/songwriter - just saying!

Charlie is from Nashville, I dfeel like southerners will have an advantage with Emily. He has experienced tragedy via an accident that left him with major injuries and I feel like he has some depth that may be good for Emily if given the chance to get to know him

Jef from Utah doesn't look like a Utah boy! Strange hair, a CEO for bottled water with charity connections, he is tough to read, more than meets the eye. I want to know more about him.

Arie, the racecar driver. He is pretty. He is a racer, much like Emily's ex who died in a plane crash to a race. You know he will stick around, if only for the ongoing "racecare connection and memories" / drama of the show. Still, his eyes are worth keeping him around a while ;)


Beautiful Blonde Sean is first out and has a stunning smile.

David is 2nd out He asks if she chose Charolette. Meh, still not a fan of his singer/song writing

Doug is from Seattle - I always have a soft spot for Pacific North West. He has an 11 year old - another gold star in my book.

Jackson has a pink tie, he gets on one knee and rants some sweet quote, a tad over board in my books.

Joe looks like someone from a past season, he is a little too energetic dancing around and shouting.

Arie comes out looking stunning and it may be editing or actual chemistry but I felt it with those two....

Kyle was nice but a bit awkward in my book, maybe he truly was in "awe" over her beauty and lost for words?

Chris also reminds me of a past contestant. Maybe they all kind of look the same after so many seasons. He seemed sincere and sweet though, lot's of "blessed" and "prayers"

Aaron had giant goofy glasses on. He used a cheesey pick up line, I really had a good feeling based on his bio but didn't feel his initial greeting.

Alessandro is fronm Brazil, he was a bit strange, fast talking, maybe nervous.

Jef rides up on his skateboard, he really is cute. genuine. I kind of like him.

Lerone, same feeling, a bit bland, though sweet.

Stevie walks up dancing with a ghetotblaster (do they still call them that?) I think he may do better on Jersey Shore... just saying.

Charlie... something about him I like.

Tony while I love that he is from Oregon, the glass slipper was a bit weird. I get they have to do something to stand out but cheesey is annoying.

Grandma outfit was funny, Randy gets points for being creative, but I still don't like him.

Nate is just so darn cute, Emily says he smells good, I like him.

Brent wears a name tag, doesn't try too hard, cool.

John "WOLF" I want to know why they call him wolf....

Egg holding Travis a lil' odd

Long haired Michael I don't like long hair usually, he has a cute face, he seems sweet - we shall see.

Jean-Paul, from Seattle (so he gets some points) but his eyebrows creep me out a bit.

Alejandro is a muchroom farmer, what else can we say. I liked Emily's attempt at Spanish.

Then came Ryan, who I liked in the clip at the start. He is cute, sweet, I liked his little sign.

Kalon rolls up in his helicopter. "golly" she says when he arrives. impressive indeed. He is cute, and though I would never say "marry for money" he is good looking and I'd give him a shot ha ha, his self-awareness of how douchey he has been is a good move in the right direction, but I am not so foolish to believe men change that quickly - the other men already hate him - will make good drama but probably not last.


When she entered and they all clapped and hooted at her I felt so awkward for her... I can't imagine! ha!

I love her accent and mannerisms, she is so sweet! I think this will be a great season....

Charlie tells Emily about his Titanium face joking around with her.

Brent jokes about having a ton of kids. or was it a joke?

Emily gets pulled around from side to side by 25 different men, she seems to love it.

Chris is obviously smitten by her, he has bobble heads of himself and her. a little creepy. Emily seems to like him, calls him 'super hot' and they play bobblehead-barbies ha!

Egg man Travis is the butt of the men's jokes, as is helicopter man.

Jef hopes Emily isn't into material things. Lucky for him, she deffo is not. During their talking time they seem to hit it off. Emily likes his 'cool vibe' and says he makes her feel like a 'nerd' - always a good sign! "he's super cool, and I hope he thinks I am cool too" awnnn

Doug makes the single parent connection. I think that is sweet, I think there is a fine line between connecting on that level and obsessing. Not saying he is, but getting his son to write a letter is a bit ... awkward .. I don't know, as a mom it just seems a bit much non?

Men argue - Stevie is mad at helicopter man. Arie decides to admit his career to her (for dramatic purposes?)

Emily gives Doug the first impression rose. The kid letter must've sold her... *shrugs* I think it was not really appropriate, but whatever.

Rose Ceremony:

-Doug from 1st impression rose
-Chris - not shocked, something about him works
-Ryan - In my bio post he was "RON" oops, I thought he looked jacke dup, but on the show, so far, I really like his build, hot!
-Kalon - helicopter man gets to stay for now ha ha the men are NOT happy!
-Arie - no brainer, his career keeps him interesting, his eyes make him appealing, interested to learn more
-Charlie - I like him!
-Jef - intriguing, quirky, I want to get to know him more too!
-Nate - cute, reminds me of an old flame... momma likey
-Sean - another cutie patutie, good work Emily, keep the eye candy coming!
-Joe - the hair ugh!
-Kyle - meh
-Aaron - meh he is cute
-Alejandro -
-John - who? oh wolf
-Alessandro - really?
-Michael - fine, I don't like the hair, but he is sweet and cute otherwise
-Stevie - this is a shocker, I don't like him for her at all!
-Tony - awkward
-Travis - he was relieved, still holding his egg

So good-bye:

-Granny Randy
-pink tie Jackson
-Jean-Paul and his eyebrows
-6 kids Brent, I guess he really DOES have 6 kids! woah!
-David the musician

This Season:

They travel, big surprise. Ricky comes along, not shocked, she kisses cute boys, of course, Jef, blondie, ryan, joe, jef, arie, playing with Ricky in all the cities, lucky girl travelling with momma. Then comes the drama... looks like Kalon is the one under attack, though it could be Ryan.... not sure... but Emily swears ans cries, then all the men cry, and Ricky/kids become the focus... Dolly Parton, dancing, kidding, a carnival, more travel. Are we expecting any surprises? Of course!!!

Read bio's and see photos of each of the 25 Men here


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