Sunday, July 29, 2012

#bb14 updates - Drunk Sushi Party and more

It is a bit of a spoiler to tell you there is a sushi party that was won... but there is far more to share from tonights live feeds...


Janelle, Boogie, Dan, Brit, Shane, Danielle go outside to a sushi party where they each get two martini's and sushi and desserts

Inside the HGs drink beers and wine and do shots of wine - they get hammered, dressed up, and rowdy. Quite entertaining!

When sushi partiers join HGs inside they get more booze and play spin the bottle where there are numerous kisses between HGs... Brit & Ash, Boogie & Ash (holy tongue!), Jenn and Frank, Ian and Ash, Wil and Boogie, Danielle and Shane, and more!

Cake food fight, chanting and outfits and craziness

Ian streks with the cowboy hat covering his hoo-haw, later Wil (who has been dressed only in a blazer, speedo and sailor hat with sun glasses) strips down to streak under a bridge of HGs arms and intot he pool - skinny dippinggggg....

At one point Dan pulls Danielle aside to stop her drinking, Danielle also gets paranoid to Britney that Shane "won't look at me, he is awkward becaus of the kiss" (honestly, it was one of the smallest, shortest kisses, she is making something out of nothing)

It was great fun, very entertaining to watch on live feeds!

Later Ash says she feels slutty kissing so many people, they make fun of the kisses esp Boogie comingin for the kill all tongue ha ha ha

So fun!

Flash back to aprox 9:45pm BBT until oh however long you would like... at least an hour of awesomness!

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