Friday, August 3, 2012

Rob talking to Kristen again?

It iswn't my life, I shouldn't care... I don't really care (I am focused on Olympics, my Vegas trip, summer, real life) but... come November, I will care if these two are talking.

I wouldn't forgive a cheater. That's just me. Young Hollywood has different rules, but I hope he doesn't forgive her.

I do hope it is true they are talking, or will soon.... not to reconnect, but to be professional.

Radar Online reports:

Pattinson has been hiding out at his friend Reese Witherspoon’s $7 million Ojai ranch, staying out of the public eye, and that’s where he started speaking to Kristen again but it doesn’t seem like he is going to forgive her any time soon.

What do you think? Do you even care anymore?

I just hope they both find peace and heal from this ordeal - it is hard when it is so public.... (though can be funny too... did you see Will Ferrell on Conan? LOL)


Anonymous said...

You hope he doesn't forgive her? You hope that he harbors bitterness and hate for her and her mistakes for the rest of his life? Yikes.

Mandy's Mind said...

Did I say I hope he harbous bitterness and hate for her and her mistakes for the rest of his life? no!

But the first part is right, I hope he does not forgive her... I wouldn't forgive a loved one for cheating on me...

cheating isn't a mistake or an accident... it's a choice and it was a bad one, and I am sure she will learn from it, but if someone I love cheats on me it is over.

They are professional, I am sure they will overcome this for the franchise, but I d9on't think a relationship is in the cards - personally...

SpunkyBookworm said...

It takes a while, but it's important to forgive. I really like him. I think he is a truly humble and proud person, but that can be tough because that pride can make you bitter if you don't forgive. He will only be hurting himself.

I do wonder why K is getting so much flack. Do we somehow forget that a 40 y/o man was involved? I still think women get bad labels when they cheat more than men do. This is not to say she did wrong, it's just saying that there is a 3rd person that I don't hear anyone talking much about.

Anonymous said...

Unforgiveness can turn someone into a cold, hard, cynical person... don't want that for Rob! Forever a fan of both...wish them both peace and happiness!

Anonymous said...

I hope he does forgive her. Everyone deserves a second chance. Yes, she made a HUGE mistake and the wrong choice. And she needs to figure out why she made that choice. If he truly still loves her, then they need seek counseling to repair their relationship and the trust. My boyfriend cheated on me when we were young and our relationship is stronger than it ever was; I'm 47 now. Remember, to error is human, to forgive is Devine.