Thursday, August 2, 2012

#bb14 HoH Comp Spoilers from Live Feed

Tonight was epic. It is only a minor spoiler to say it is an endurance HoH Comp that will likely continue into the evening. I am on live feeds and will update as things happen. Check back / Refresh this page often.... spoilers under the cut...

More... So tonight's episode showed us America voted coaches return to the game. The choice was, coaches could return and re set the game, no one is evicted, OR they could NOT return, game continues, but some evicted houseguests would return next week.

If even one coach voted to return,they all would. Surprisingly, Boogie was the only one who did NOT vote to retun.

So coaches are back, neither Joe nor Frank went home, and now live feeds have all 12 houseguests on a "plank" of a boat (wall) rocking back and forth, holding on to a bar, with rain and burd poop being dropped on them... so far....

7:41pm - All are still up there. Boogie looks to be struggling the most - ha ha old man!

8:05pm - Boogie jumps, shortly after Jen is out, then Joe right after.

*Talk of pizza, but it is the BB Staff not the HGs that jumped*

Britt, Ian looking strongest at this point. Danielle not bad either. Shane complains of previous shoulcer injury, Janelle and Ashley both looking sore, moving a lot to adjust. Frank, Dan, Wil seem ok.

8:39pm - another dump of water/rain poured on them. Still just the three out.

8:42pm - Ashley falls.

8:44pm - Dan falls.

9:05pm - Frank is out.

6 remain: Shane, Wil, Danielle Janelle, Brit, Ian.

9:22pm - Boogie upset about other houseguests locking elbows, asks if it is a rule, Joe says no, just a saftey caution. Boogie yells to Ian "lock elbows if you need to, everyone else is" etc. etc.

Rain starts again. Shane struggling most. Ian seems to be in best shape.

9:37pm - Wil and Shane jumped off together.

9:40pm - Janelle is out.

Danielle, Brit, Ian left.

9:46pm - Danielle, Brit, Ian remain, houseguests in house changing, Dan giving coach speech to Danielle "not your coach but I will help you, I chose you for a reason, you want to win don't you? You don't take deals, you make deals" ha ha

10:08pm - Ian, after triple checking he was safe, jumped.

10:09 - Brit jumps. Danielle wins!!!

Danielle wins, Dan tackles her in congrats, Shane does same with an added kiss.

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