Saturday, August 11, 2012

Robert Pattinson's first interviews... what will he say?

ever since the cheating sacandal news broke fans, media, everyone, have been interested in what one of the parties involved will say... next week we find out...

Robert Pattinson will be on Jon Stewart's show Monday and Good Morning American Wednesday and I know I am not alone in saying how excited I am to hear what he has to say. The promotional appearences are for Cosmopolis (which already released in Canada, I saw it in May or June) but with the "open" interview, you KNOW the Kstew cheating scandal will come up... won't it?

Media reports are saying Kristen is nervous as to what will be said.

Radar Online writes:

While K-Stew, 22, doesn’t believe R-Pattz will trash her on the show, which airs on Monday, August 13, Kristen is concerned that she could fall foul of the host’s sharp tongue.

She’s praying she won’t be the butt of the jokes because she’s hurting enough as it is.

“Kristin is very, very nervous about Robert’s interview with Jon Stewart on Monday,” a source close to the Twilight star revealed.

“She’s confident that Robert, who has always been such a private person about his personal life, will keep quiet over the cheating scandal.

“But she does have some concerns that Stewart might poke fun at the situation in an attempt to get Robert to open up.

“While she has a sense of humor, this isn’t something she wants joked about. Kristen is hurting and doesn’t want her heartbreakpoked fun at on TV.


“She’s crossing her fingers that Jon doesn’t go there and instead concentrates on promoting Robert’s new movie Cosmopolis,” the insider said.

As previously reported, Rob, 26, is considering reconciling with Kristen and is no longer angry at the young starlet for cheating on him.

“Rob was super angry for the first couple of weeks. Angry at Kristen for ruining what they had, angry at her for the public embarrassment, angry at Rupert (Sanders) ,” a source revealed.

“But he's starting to wind down and really think about what he’s going to do regarding his relationship with Kristen. He goes back and forth...

“There's definitely some friends who think he should just move on from Kristen, but then there are others who still think Rob and Kristen really have a special connection and want him to give her another chance.

“He has a lot to think about and hasn’t decided either way right now.”

Ever since the u-haul appeared at their house I have predicted this relationship was REALLY over!!!

I have said it before, but I don't think you should get back together with someone who cheats. He will look like a fool! Ah well, his life... though he seemed to be looking better last week when he went out for drinks in Ojai.

I think these interviews will be really telling as to where his minds at... I hope... or it could be same old goofy Rob?!

I think, if I was Kristen, I'd be worried about what may come out of Rob's mouth - that boy has no filter ha! I love it!

Perez Hilton (i know, i know....) writes:

Robert Pattinson might be all shook up over his upcoming TV appearances next week, but it seems Kristen Stewart is even WORSE off!

While KStew is keeping the faith that R-Patz will stay true to his nice guy ways and not talk shiz about her, that doesn’t mean JStew Jon Stewart will hold back on The Daily Show!!

In regards to Monday’s interview, a source revealed:

“While she has a sense of humor, this isn’t something she wants joked about. Kristen is hurting and doesn’t want her heartbreak poked fun at on TV. She’s crossing her fingers that Jon doesn’t go there and instead concentrates on promoting Robert’s new movie Cosmopolis.”

Uh…yeah. We’ll see about that!

Even if the sit down with Jon DOES go smoothly, there’s always Rob’s no-restrictions Good Morning America interview on Wednesday to keep KStew on edge all week!

Now is definitely not a good time to be Kristen Stewart, that's for sure!

I am anxious to hear what he has to say... I GET it's purpose is to promote Cosmpolis and fans are saying "support his projects and leave his personal life alone" but guess what? I already supported the movie, I saw it twice when it was in theatres here so now that I have done that, let me be curious on the other parts of his life too ok? ;)


wig4usc said...

I don't agree he'd "look like a fool" if he got back together with her. We don't know all the details, and we certainly don't know where his head and heart are. When you've been with someone for years and have invested a lot into that relationship, sometimes you have to, and should, reevaluate what you "think" you would do.

Anonymous said...

hi. i think that the photo from Ojai was taken earlier , at katy perry party. agata

Anonymous said...

I agree with you! He'd look like an idiot. He's better than that girl. Can't wait for interviews! :D

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if anyone knows what time Jon Stewart airs..i'm on east coast~~~ps Mandy, I love you, don't always agree with you, but I appreciate your views and all the time you spend sharing information with us. So, Thanks and God Bless!