Monday, August 6, 2012

True Blood: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Three episodes left... Some subplots wrapped up, some development and connections with other plots... I wish True Blood was year round....


Let me start by saying thank LILITH some of the smaller, annoying, horrible, subplots are getting wrapped up and or tied into something bigger. I have been getting so tired of some of the minor plots this season, I feel like some started too late to develop (hate group), some should have been skipped all together (Terry and Patrick) and more time spent on things that matter (Authority, Sookie's parents)

I can't believe we only have three episodes left. Way too much time has been wasted on an ifrite and Terry and Patrick chasing the fire demon while I crave more development in other areas... and I am still pissed Roman was killed.

One great thing about Terry killing Patrick (besides the ghost coming and removing the curse after calling on the ifrit to take Patrick....) was this one liner from the usuall annoyingly timid Arlene...

Haters Gonna Hate....

The Obama masked hate group trying to kill 'supes' had potential as a subplot, but was brought in a bit late, so I am glad it is wrapping up also. Thank goodness because Luna and Sam have a more serious problem now don't they? Poor Emma-wolf-pup.

Vampire Gay Love....

Of course Russell Edgington is the vampire providing 'V' to JD and the wolf pack. No surprise. What's more interesting is the budding love between Steve Newlin (who I love so much more as a gay vampire than I ever did as a straight bible thumping human, especially with his dance moves!) and Russell... is he the next Talbot? The puppy gift (Luna's daughter Emma) seems to indicate a blossoming vampire love and I want it to continue past this season... please?!

Steve Quote:

I've never had a pet. My father was allergic to everything but God.

Authority Life....

Now the main plots. True Blood factories have been bombed, as per Bill Compton's great idea last episode. Eric is keen to escape and devises a plan with Bill to get Salome's blood which is needed to escape since even Molly no longer has security clearance out of the Authority's building. Bill seems lost and confused, but agrees to get Salome's blood.

Molly Quote:

The locks are DNA specific

Later Eric tricks his 'sister' Nora and silvers her while Bill seduces (ok, not really, she is pretty willing) in the bedroom. During their 'encounter' Bill hallucinates and sees Sookie, who he bites, thus getting Salome's blood, which would allow him and Eric to escape. He also sees Lilith and seems to be going cray in a very strange sex scene between the two.

Later, Eric and Molly meet up with a silver injected Nora ready to leave. Just then Bill arrives and they are ready to escape, except the doors open and there stands Salome with security and it becomes clear Bill is not wanting to escape. Somehow he has gone from the most mainstream, calm, level-headed, neutral vampire leader to ... CRAY! Who knows where this will lead, but I do like that Eric and Bill have seemingly swapped their positions in moral standings...

It is strange seeing Eric acting more sane and "good" than the usual suspect Bill. Me likey!

Sookie seeks answers....
Meanwhile, back in Bon Temps Sookie is trying to find out who this 'Warlow' vampire is that killed her parents. She recruits Lafayette to help talk to ghosts and try to figure out more about her parents death.

Before we continue, I have to say, I LOVE LAFAYETTE. Last season he kind of strayed from his usual awesome character, but he is back in full force and I love it!

Lafayette Quotes:

I ain't Gmail for dead bitches. Creepy spirit thing, why you in Sookie bathroom? Dead folk, why y’all gotta be so cryptic? It ain’t cute!

Anyways, Gran tells Lafayette the answers under the bed... now why Sookie has't seen this memory box under the bed before now baffles me, I mean, you'd think after cleaning up blood and such in that house, she MAY have swept under the bed at least once in the past few years.... non? Anyhow, a newspaper article about her parents shows that Ex-Sheriff Bud Dearborne was the "cop on the scene" of the murders... surprised? no!

Dragon Slayer...

I predicted bringing ex-sheriff Bud back had one purpose, he was the dragon. Well, I was close, that crazy lady "Sweetie" was the dragon. Sookie goes to talk to Bud about her parents murders, Bud admits it was suspicious but they didn't know about 'supes' (vampires) back then. Sookie tries mind reading and 'Sweetie" the gf comes in to knock her out before she figures out they are the hate group leaders - which wasn't what she was even looking into... but it ties in nicely.

Oh, side note, Hoyt was taken by a 'familiar face' last episode - obviously Bud Dearborne, so he is in the pig farm, where they also take Sookie to be eaten by pigs... so here lies Hoty and Sookie, whose fairy magic isn't working by the way!

Bon Temps Police Force...
Back at the police station, Jess is put into custody.

Jason Quote:

Don't let her out of your sight, I don't care if she is sleeping or taking a dump

Luna and Sam shift into flies on the wall and listen in as Andy feeling like the "worst Sheriff ever" watches the hate group videos and recognizes bud Dearbornes boots. HEY! Not such a bad sheriff after all eh? (Well he and Jason DID just beat up a prisoner for info, but whatever!)Jason and him rush off to Dearborne's house, Luna and Sam also go to handle the situation. What I loved about the big scene was that we had a pig at the pig farm turn into naked Sam Merlotte who fought off the redneck hate group members. Then we had naked Luna take care of the "dragon" who, by the way hates 'supes' because her man left her for a shifter at a square dance competition...

Luna Quote:

This is for my daughter you human trash

Jason and Sheriff show up, arrests are made, Hoyt's saved, Sookie's saved, all is well in the world... right?

Other bits:

Tara and Pam have a bit of banter, Pam is worried about Eric, Tara is trying to stock pile True Blood now that the factories are being blown up, and lastly there is a new sheriff in town who will run Fangtasia and orders vamps to grab humans to eat.... um... Pam is not impressed. I had to check IMDB on this actor and he has two episodes quoted, so hoping he is gone before finale. I don't want a new sheriff in town... sheesh! Let Pam run stuff until Eric is back - he will be back.. right? right!

Pam quote:

Whatever comes up next, we keep our heads down and our tits up and the True Blood flowing.

I want more Pam - always, her and Lafayette have my most fave one-liners always.

Oh and Sookie asks Lafayette "Other than getting possessed by a mexican demon. How you been? You heard from Tara?

Lafayette replies, "I text her about 50 times and this all she wrote…

ha ha love it!

Alcide left town, flashbacked to his childhood and his daddy and in the end shows up at his daddy's place. Unresolved issues clearly!

Did I miss anything? What did you think of the episode? I am really excited for finale and hope to see some big bangs plot wise....

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