Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Giggly Veronica Roth excited for Divergent Movie

Divergent author Veronica Roth has revealed her excitement about the forthcoming film adaptation of her debut novel.
The 25-year-old, who recently completed the Divergent trilogy with the release of Allegiant, told Digital Spy that she is "giggly" at the prospect of seeing her novel turned into a movie
"I've never seen behind that curtain before," she said. "Now I see that it's tough to make a movie. There's a lot of detail. It makes me a little giggly."

We are giggly too Veronica! The countdown to March is on.... The article also talks about how Veronica Roth came up with some ideas for Divergent.... while studying exposure therapy..
"Exposure therapy is when they repeatedly expose someone to a thing that stimulates their fear response in a safe environment," she explained.
"Someone who's afraid of heights is continually put in a glass elevator because it's safe but it's high.
"I thought it would be interesting if someone were to apply that therapy technique to regular, healthy people to make them fear something.
"That was where the idea came from. It all started with the creepy stuff and the rest sort of came out around it."

I love the idea and the story of how she came to create the Dauntless faction!
Asked if she is hoping to see all three of her Divergent novels turned into movies, Roth replied: "That'd be cool. I hope that it does well and people like it but obviously there's no guarantee."

True... but I have a feeling she has nothing to worry about... if every fan of the book sees the movie once, she is set...

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