Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dauntless Event in Austin Texas

Texans will NOT want to miss this (I wish I could go down to participate!!!)

There will be an amazing Dauntless-themed event with zip-lining, combat training & knife throwing on March 13. Tickets for the event will be on sale on March 4.

We'll teach you all of the important Dauntless skills, from zip-lining to knife throwing to combat, and we'll even host a game of Capture the Flag. Your ticket to this event also includes a seat at the opening night screening of DIVERGENT at the Alamo Drafthouse on Slaughter Lane so you can celebrate your new badass status with Tris, Four and the rest of Dauntless' fiercest warriors.
It doesn't take an Erudite to figure out that this will be the best day ever, so make sure you choose Dauntless! Tickets for this event go on sale here on March 4th.
(And don't worry, we'll let you bypass the fear landscape. Tattoos, however, are always encouraged.)

Full Details here


Ina Shepard said...

I love this! Yes, I'll take the tattoo without the fear landscape please... M-kay, thanks!

Ina Shepard said...

Yes, I'll take a tattoo without the fear landscape please... M-kay thanks!