Sunday, February 23, 2014

Miles Teller can do it all

I am so impressed with the volume and diversity of roles in which Miles Teller has been offered and performed recently. 
Right now it's really good to be Miles Teller. He's been dubbed the next big thing at two consecutive Sundance Film Festivals, starting with last year's powerful teen romance,The Spectacular Now, for which he and Shailene Woodley shared dramatic acting awards. This year he came back swinging in Whiplash, playing a jazz drumming protege at the mercy of his ruthless instructor, played by J.K. Simmons. And since then, things have only gotten better with major roles in Fantastic Four and the boxing biopic,  Bleed for This.

Let's not forget Divergent in March. I have to say, he is a talker, he is a 'class clown' and jokster, but he also has some major acting chops! I can't see what else the future has in store for Miles!

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