Saturday, March 29, 2014

Exclusive: #DivergentTour interview with @AnselElgort at #DivergentOrlando event

Better late than never...

My friend Cindy was at the Orlando Divergent event a couple weeks ago and had a great interview with Ansel Elgort. Technical difficulties led to that interview NOT being recorded, however, she did send me the summary from the interview AND a link to the local news station's video of the event including part of her interview.

If you could create your own Faction, what would it be and why?

Ansel answered he would like a “Fine Arts” Faction of artist type of people because he paints and makes

music as well. That would be the faction he would have but unfortunately it doesn’t exist.

What was your favorite day on the set and why?

He said while the training was difficult and intense he really loved jumping on and off the train.

What was it like to go from being Shailene’s brother to her love interest in Fault of our Stars?

He said he really didn’t think it was a big deal because he is an actor and that is what happens in the

acting world. You take different roles and sometimes you may end up working with the same people

but in a different role than the last time. He said the director and casting agent said not to let it bother

him. He felt very honored that they choose him being that it was his third film. As for Shailene, he feels

she is the best actress now of his generation and to be hooked up with her twice is an amazing


Video with clip at 1:57 – credit

Thanks Cindy for covering the red carpet in Orlando for me. Most appreciated!

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