Thursday, August 20, 2009

Twilight Saga Eclipse Day 3 - Wednesday August 19 - Live Set Photos

So as I mentioned in Rumours of Sets last night, I indeed went to the Langley Set.

It was in an old building frequently used for filming which is why when my friend who lives close by suggested it as a potential set, we chose to go there first in our "quest to find a set in Langley"


My fave part (sarcasm here) was the overwhelming amount of emails from people telling me about the TSE signs and the "over night shoot in Langley"

I appreciate the information and tips - but if it was on Perez Hilton, in The Vancouver Sun and RT'd on Twitter *ALL* day.... chances are - I already knew - so don't worry about emailing me :)

Furthermore - I said so in previous posts The signs were NOT TSE as everyone broadcasted....

Anyways.... Here are some of the goods from last night... Some crew we recognized from New Moon, Lot's of fans hoping it was indeed Eclipse, Police as well as Security...

More Photos From Last Night:

The photos aren't fantastic, but I am not a photographer ;)

There was talk that it could be Rosalie's past (old house, green screen to put in whatever they wish) but more likely finishing up Jasper's flashbacks with Maria....

Here is what Lainey had to say:

It was a night shoot on Wednesday, the 3rd day of filming.

It took place in a barn. News spread on Twitter and fans and paps showed up and stayed out late.

The actors involved were: Jackson Rathbone, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Robert Pattinson, and Ashley Greene.

“Jasper and Maria” were back in the old days training with their army. Jasper agonises over a task he’s ordered to perform involving a newborn.

The “Edward and Alice” scene was from a vision, a memory from when he was inside Aro’s head…

More Funny Stuff from Lainey in my next post - I am liking her more and more lately LMAO...

TwiFans had pics and posts stating that "Jack Huston was on set last night at the barn..." leading back to the original belief it was some history on Rosalie...However, TwiCrack Addict cleared up that rumour -

Royce would NOT be dressed so grubby, nor would he have red vampire eyes, NOR does he LOOK like this dude... who is in fact Kevin Zegers playing Peter and our original guess was correct - more of Jackson's background story...

ANYWAYS - Whatever they were filming it was done over night and it is done now.... We did not see any cast, we didn't stay late either... others who did stay also did not see the cast... they wrapped at about 2am according to a friend who stayed.

Here are some nicer pics from Nat's POV:

Tonight's supposed to be another over night shoot, but not at the barn.... if you don't believe me go ahead and check for yourself! You'd be in the wrong City for starters ;)

I will likely be staying in tonight... I was in and around tonight's set location most the day and tonight I need to catch up on my PVR and Sleep... but lot's of sets and possibilities of cast encounters to come - the fun and excitement has just begun :)

**I did stay in but I had people out sending me reports.... also new updates on Friday Night's Filming ALL HERE


themarina said...

Nice! We need to take up a collection and invest in a fab new camera for you! :)

Photogal10 said...

Nice!! I too was there that night but I am quite disturbed and annoyed by all the tweens and teens behaviour. Didn't see anyone but we did see some vehicles leave and the secuirty team of course said it was the stars leaving. Since not much happened after that it was probably the truth.
I have the worst luck!