Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Rumours of Sets...

There were so many rumoured sets tonight.

Some said a certain high school, others said a certain field in a well-known park... the most widely circulated set for this evening was "Langley"

Langley, I will have you non-locals know, is a small city east of Vancouver, close to where Bella's house was filmed for New Moon.

It has many fields, farms, parks, and small town shopping areas frequently used for filming movies.

Finding a set in Langley would be like finding a needle in a hay stack.... I had reports of this and that all over Langley and when I went out there the first stop was the correct stop... we found it early, we did it the old fashioned way and we kept the deets to ourselves too....

Lights, Cameras, Trucks, Trailors, Security, Police, Equipment and before too long... girls..... lot's and lot's of girls!!! Yes there were paparzzi there though they mostly kept to their computers in their cars.

I got some video and photos of the set and back drop and the green screens and lights.... I did not stay long enough to scope out much more than that. I feel like I have been very lucky to meet all the cast during New Moon and so my goal now is to continue to go to sets and see what is going on, and if I am presented with an opportunity to meet the cast once more - fabulous... if not... that's ok - I still have set reports to blog about and more importantly photos to scrapbook for my own pleasure years from now :)

Photos and Video will be presented tomorrow because I am too tired to post now and also I want to confirm they have wrapped at this location before I post identifying photos and video.


uh - ok *ONE* pic to keep you happy till morning ;)


Anonymous said...

In your opinion, what do you think the set you saw is being used for in the film? Which scene? Thanks for sharing, as always!

Alice's Aunt said...

Thank you!

Just letting you know we appreciate what you do, and how you do it, with class.

'Alice's Aunt'

Anonymous said...

Ditto on what Alice's Aunt said! Totes appreciate what you do and HOW you go about doing it! Thanks!


Quilt Nut said...

woo hoo Mandy! way to go

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! And thank you even moore for doing it with class and especially not spreading where the set is so that they can get the job done right and with peace! xoxo =)
once again thanks!!

Nicole said...

Great blog and great attitude. Hope it rubs off on some others and thank you for posting your experiences!