Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Set Report for Twilight Saga Eclipse: August 18

So yesterday a friend (@sarahlj13) let me know about a possible location for filming. There was definately filming happening there, but we had no idea if it was Eclipse.

Last night a friend (@erinbatt) went and snapped photos and reported what she saw.

Based on what I know of the location I was not convinced it would have been used for Eclipse, until I saw Lainey's report on yesterdays scenes:

Shooting began yesterday on Eclipse – am told exclusively that they filmed scenes involving “Jasper & Maria” in a dessert dream sequence that takes place in Texas from way back in the old days, like the 1800s. Jackson’s been training on horseback and so far they say he’s looking pretty comfortable. It’s the natural bow in his legs, non?

Horseback riding trail perhaps?

This made me quite certain the terrain and area of alleged filming COULD have worked well. So @erinbatt and I popped by this morning to look around and snap a few pics.

Some comparisons:

Texas Mountains - Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Possible Set used for Texas 1800s

Def. Possibility eh?

They had torn down most everything and we chatted with crew still tearing down. There were dark black screens (typically they are white and used for either blocking views or reflecting light)

I asked why they were black (perhaps it was too sunny yesterday and instead of reflecting light as the white ones do, they were absorb light?) and they told us they were not for lighting purposes at all but to block the paparzzi... wait.... how many movies are being filmed right now that would require paparzzi?


Based on the location, the conversation, and the report from Lainey on what was filmed... I conclude that this location has SERIOUS potential for having hosted Twilight Saga Eclipse filming yesterday....




themarina said...

Certainly looks promising!

Alice's Aunt said...

Yaaaaaaaaaa you!!!! Good work! I enjoy following you up in The Couve, with your great Twi-filming stuff.

Mmmmmmm, do you dislike hearing Vancouver called 'The Couve'? Just thought I'd ask, as it is home turf area, for you.

Alice's Aunt

Alice's Aunt said...

Plus, can't wait to hear your take on any sightings of 'Civil War Time Jasper.' I loves me my Jackson but didn't like the looks of the wig they had on him, in 'NM' Birthday Party scene. If it's the same wig, in 'Eclipse,' I so hope it looks better in Civil War settings.

Alice's Aunt

jamie11097 said...

I think Jackson's hair without the ponytail brushed neatly would be ok for Jasper's hair (so we won't have to see the bad wig!)

Kathryn Doyle said...

I am having my first Twi-geek moment here. I was born and raised in a little town between Houston and Galveston, TX...that's exactly where Jasper was said to be when he met up with Maria...There aren't any mountains within atleast 100 miles of the area. Just flat plains and coastline. When I read the book, I see the plains of my home under a wide expanse of a moonlit sky full of stars. I guess it's too much to ask that they would be geographically accurate. *sigh*

GBMiniGirl said...

Kathryn, I'm with you completely!!! OK, the first picture of the trail is do-able. The rest... no way, Jose. How can he be helping evacuate people from the Battle of Galveston (where there were boats blowing up each other) if he is in the desert in W. Texas?! I actually did a small rant about this on my blog.

Nina said...

I think the points about geographical correctness are important, however; they might not put any of the mountains in the shots, only the ground area (pic 2 & 4). Remember, they can always green screen and add a CGI Battle of Galveston later on. I'm an actor whose done a few Indie films, and I'm willing to bet this is how their going to do it.

Nina said...

BTW, wouldn't The Couve actually be Couvre, as in The Cover...