Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Behind the Scenes New Moon Photos by David Strick Hollywood Backlot

What is most exciting about these photos is that I was at the set the same night during New Moon filming back in April.

We ask one gentleman if we can head "up" (up the street where the blinding film lights are obviously coming from - - hey - might as well ask - - JUST IN CASE!!! ;) ha ha)

So he says *excited* "I wouldn't, they are bringing a WOLF down"

*inner squeeeeee* I appear calm but holy moly I was ANYTHING but calm.... a wolf?!?!?

MeMy and I exchanged glances - we'd hit the jackpot!!!

We waited and watched as two trainers brought down the most beautiful, large, wolf.

I am no animal expert so I don't know what type of wolf it was but it was big, it was grey, with bits of white in it... it was stunning to see.

Here are some of the shots with my own personal commentary - because I am an uuber dork and totally fangirling over this - oh man - it's going to be crazy once the movie actually comes out !!!!

This must be, as many predict, a dream sequence. Bella with Edward on her in bed, Bella with a wolf, Jacob topless, forest / bedroom.... bizarre!

Ok it just got MORE bizarre!!

You know where this is right? Look closely... Why is Jacob standing in that spot? LOL

What is Edward wearing? Now do we know what scene Jacob shouldn't be standing in?

Sorry - I can't help it ;)


Dude, it's an over night shoot - freezing cold and you decide to WORK OUT during a 5 minute breather? hardcore!

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Anonymous said...

i might be a little slow this morning but i don't know what scene that is with jacob standing by the tree. which scene is that, mandy?

Quilt Nut said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE these picture! 58 days to go; can i last that long? lol

and i'm slow this morning. the one of Jake in the woods, is that where Edward leaves Bella?

Anonymous said...

Hmm it is weird how Jacob is standing in *that* spot. Perhaps Bella is having a dream about the day he left and weird things are happening in her dreams, like Jacob being there?

Malicious Mandy's Mind said...

It's where Edward leaves Bella yes and now in her dream she sees Jacob there (topless) in the same spot... I can't wait for this movie - let me tell you - - ahhh :)

Anonymous said...

can't wait for this movie either. thanks for all your set reports and photos. keep them coming . . .please!!