Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Today's Set - Forks Police Station

I went by this set the other day and got some great shots of it being built. It is always awesome to see preparation of can get closer and see more than during a live set filming.

Also @LadyDispatcher got this pic of inside on the desk:

It looks just like the police station from the first Twilight Movie and was completely designed (inside and out) to be an exact replica. While the cement-looking portions are actually plywood painted with a thin layer of liquid concrete to give the illusion of being actual cement. Neat eh?

With "Edward" "Bella" and "Charlie" on set - what scenes do you think they were filming? There was some interior shots, some exterior shots and of course "Edward" and "Bella" driving up in the volvo.

You can see from the back there is a window... I guess this is for interior purposes.


I went by the set and was lucky enough to walk by when they were rehersing Edward and Bella on the front porch/entry to the Police Station. I saw Robert & Kristen and a guy I didn't recognize (crew maybe? not sure) I didn't take photos because I didn't want to be intrusive....

I felt the less intrusive I was the longer I'd be allowed to stick around... and I was right. I stood by the set for a few minutes and I spoke with some of the P.A's who seemed to be enjoying the sun more than the crew who had been anxiously trying to move giant screens and equipment to block the sun... Edward can't be in the sun... though one would assume post-production could fix this for the most part... I guess not?

Then I was told that they were clearing the street (they have permits so they can close the street at short intervals for filming)so I stood down the street a bit and took a few photos of the vehicles on set.

After i went by the circus since it was almost time for their lunch break and sure enough David Slade, Billy Burke, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart all drove by for lunch.

Here is the director David Slade:

Here is Robert Pattinson (they aren't great shots but there what I have):

It was funny because he drove by then left then came back again 5 minutes later... I joked he maybe "forgot something at set" but - wouldn't he have "people" to go get it for him? who knows! I was thankful to see him drive by twice ;)

Kristen Stewart also came by for her lunch break but I didn't get a good look at her. Billy Burke also came by in a van sitting in the front seat with the windows open. I didn't expect him and I didn't get a photo, however, fans across the street waved to him and he smiled and waved back. He was in complete uniform... how cool!

After that I felt like I had had enough... School would be out soon and since the set was located so close to 4 different schools, I knew the crowds would get bigger and didn't feel like waiting around for that.

Fans who stayed could (from certain vantage points) see Rob & Kristen driving into the parking lot repeatedly as part of the scene shot.

Here is one shot from The Vancouver Sun

and some from Nats POV

I couldn't think of what scene this would be but perhaps it is an adaptation to the book where they are dealing with this particular part:
During dinner that evening Edward, shockingly, brings up the soon to expire airline vouchers to Charlie. This insights an argument between Bella and her father, ending in Bella announcing that she will go to see her mother if she wants.

Lainey also says:“Bella” and “Edward” drive up in his Volvo. She’s all curious about sh- and demanding to know everything and he’s being cagy with his answers because what she doesn’t know might hurt her because she’s so fragile and pathetic and then “Charlie” comes out and they talk about the airline ticket and going away together.

Seems likely eh? Too bad we must wait until June to find out.... *gah*

It was awesome to see Rob, Kristen, Billy and David everytime i go to a set a get a little bit more excited for Twilight Saga Eclipse.... and of course New Moon which has to come first....

Is It November Yet?


Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

Mandy, thanks for all the info. This is great. Looks like you're having fun!

proudparentsx4 said...

well i guess my sister and I asked too many questions, sorry, didn' mean to bother you, but your pics are great, have a great weekend, thanks again for the great posts

depmom said...

awesome pics, mandy! I was going to go today, and decided not too . . . . now I'm wishing I had! Ah well, I'll live vicariously thru your blog . . . ;)

Karina said...

Thanks for you job!! We hope yours reports all days! :)

Quilt Nut said...

as always, fabulous pictures! thanx again Mandy

Shauna said...

Awesome pics & info on the set. I can't wait for these movies either!!! Nice blog too. ;-)

Pincince said...

you are doing a great and respectful of the crew/cast job. maybe your fans will chip in for a little better camera for you as you said your camera wasnt great and you do so much for all of us living vicarisly throught you.

Nancy said...

Thanks for the awesome photos and info! I can't wait for November!

pamjacobs12 said...

Thanks for posting pics! I saw some pictures of Edward and Bella in the Volvo from another site, and in several, it didn't look like Kristen at all! I wonder if it is the wig, a bad camera angle, or if they used a double for some reason.