Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Crazy Rumour - Breaking Dawn in Louisiana

Crazy Rumour - Breaking Dawn will film in Louisiana

I wasn't going to blog about this, it seems seems so absurd.

I originally saw a few tweets on this and brushed it aside as confusion... True Blood films there, they have vampires, people are confused (hey, I've seen worse confusion!)

Then I started getting a ton of @replies and DMs on twitter.

I read the source of this rumour and felt even more sure it was just bogus.

According to unnamed sources (I feel so cool saying that, like I’m a spy or something instead of just a dork with a laptop) the next Twilight film just couldn’t say no to the financial benefits of moving production from Vancity and the Pacific Province to the Pelican State (it was a Big Easy decision… ah, that’s why I’m not a spy and instead just a huge dork).

I understand sometimes there are "unnamed sources" but is this "source" your 12 year old cousin or someone in the industry? Usually you at least verify this is a reliable source and not just a ploy to stir up buzz on your website.

Also, usually certain "sources" report these BIG announcements before a random "dork." Twilight Fans know who is usually reliable and who isn't and we also know who usually reports BIG announcements first...

I don't know Jesse Carp, nor do I have anything against the "movie set" website, I just feel that this information can't be true.

Here is why:

-Louisiana's terrain is not very "Pacific Northwest." Even the "wooded areas" near the Texas border are more desert. Nothing compares to the mountains, ocean and forests here, so dense and mossy. BC, Washington and Oregon are very unique in that way.

-Even with the tax savings in Louisiana for films, it seems unlikely a film would make such a drastic move to save a few bucks, especially with the budget these films will have.

-BD will have a lot of studio since so much is happening at the Cullen's. It seems they'd just keep it all in L.A. if they didn't care about exterior settings and just wanted studio... otherwise they'd stick to an area with both studio and the exterior terrain needed for "Forks Wa"

-With the major bidding war that occured with Oregon and Vancouver (even Toronto allegedly made a play for it) I just don't see how they'd decide on Louisiana randomly out of nowhere.

-Everything I have heard from locals in the industry points to Breaaking Dawn Vancouver.

Am I willing to bet money on this? yes!
Will I eat my words if they end up heading to Louisiana? yes!

But based on everything in my gut and everything I know, I don't see how Louisiana could be the location.... furthermore, I have heard very distinct and reliable info that Vancouver will have Breaking Dawn this Fall.

Until an official announcement, we are at the mercy of gossip and rumours.... but I am confident that soon enough we will hear "Breaking Dawn Vancouver" If I am wrong, I am wrong, but I just don't "get" Louisiana as Breaking Dawn, and I have spent alot of time there...

What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

When I first read this...I thought BS! But then I thought about it and I think it's possible. Here's why: As you said.. most of Breaking Dawn will be filmed in studio.. I think about 85% of it will be. Louisiana offers some of the best tax breaks for studios, especially since Hurricane Katrina. Really, the film industry is part of the reason why the state has been able to rebound. So many films/tv shows have been filmed there. Kristen's own "Welcome to the Riley's" was filmed there instead of Georgia as originally intended because of the tax breaks. I think Summit is cheap. They just spent a butt load of money promoting "The Hurt Locker" for the Oscars and probably put more money into "Eclipse" than they had originally intended with all of these re shoots. I think they are going to film wherever it's cheapest. I think we can all say with 100% certainty that none of the exterior shots will be filmed in Louisiana, but perhaps the studio scenes? No one would know the difference! With that being said.. I bet they film in Vancouver ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi. The source was not my twelve year old cousin (I think he's 13 now). It was somebody tied to the film that I obviously could not mention by name. Also, if you read the post you would see I said 'might' and that the bulk of the material was about other films shooting in Louisiana and taking advantage of said tax breaks.

A little more has surfaced...


Do you like Ketchup on your words? It may or may not happen (especially thanks to the oil spill) but remember I never said it was a definite, only speculation. Just some friendly banter. Cheers, JC

Mandy's Mind said...

LoL Welcome Jesse...

Yes, since this post there has been so much more talk:


I can't see it happening entirely down in Louisiana but I do see the tax breaks being incentive to at least do studio scenes down there (which is a large portion of Breaking Dawn)

Vancouver used to offer competitive tax breaks but are they are simply not as good anymore.

I guess I remain hopeful that they will stay consistent and more importantly, stay in my backyard! Time will Tell.

That being said, I feel eating my words is indeed more likely that I thought, ketchup not so much.... gravy, please.

Oh & Tell your cousin Happy Birthday ;)