Monday, May 3, 2010

When all is said and done...

I want to start on a good note... When all is said and done there will be an Eclipse movie that Twilight fans will flock to see.

There will be Twilight fans and everday people who do not like the film and those that love it regardless. The same as New Moon and Twilight.

The drama surrounding reshoots / pickup shoots has been a rollercoaster of he said, she said, I saw, you heard..... it was 3 days of madness, but when it comes to Twilight, it is always madness.

We can all agree, as we move into promotional time for the movie, is that June 30 we will have a movie to go see and love, hate, scrutinize as we feel fit as individuals.

That all being said I wanted to report further on what I learned of the reshoots, particularily the scenes that were shot.

This list is by no means complete, it is simply what I have been able to compile by speaking with various people "in the know" one way or another (directly or indirectly) and should I learn more I will edit/add. Three long days of shooting surely covered more than these scenes and if they were re-worked scenes or simply "lighting/colouring adjustments" I can't say with certainty but will address later in this post.


-Tent Scene (Bella crawls into Jacob's sleeping bag, banter between Jake & Edward)
-Pick Me (Jacob's heart felt plee with Bella)
-Kiss & Punch (Jacob & Bella)
-Various Close up's (Yes wig issues worked out for Bella, these shots are likely the lighting/colouring adjustments also)
-Some love triangle discussion (jealousy of Edward, persistence of Jacob, confusion of Bella, mostly at tent scene but some in Bella's room of Edward/Bella)

I have heard there needed to be MORE Jacob/Bella in the film and deeper emotion with the two of them in scenes. Take that as you will.

I also heard due to being unable to get the "Meadow" set for a 2nd day (Another production was using the area) because they couldn't get everything done in the first day, (again I don't know but I imagine due to Robert Pattinson not being there) they had to try to shoot close-up's of cast as if in the meadow (this reminds me of Catherine Hardwicke's "meadow" but rest assured, it was only for close-up's apparently so they will still have wide shots of the ACTUAL meadow outdoors from original filming in the summer says source)

Now, the various perceptions on the drama surrounding the reshoots:

Lainey Gossip posted on the reshoot drama and I know a lot of TwiFans dislike her however, it has to be said that her info is usually very accurate.

IF there were ego's and disagreements on set, this shouldn't surprise anyone.

It's two months before the film is released, they are reshooting (yes they were scheduled a long time ago, yes they are a normal part of making a film, sure they could be completely reworked scenes or reshoots for lighting, who cares) the point is - it can be stressful with the time crunch regardless of the "it's all normal" mentality (true or not).

PLUS we have three superstars who are VERY busy with other projects and promotion and basically NO free time, they are tired from travelling and about to set off on a major whirlwind promotional tour.... combined with a director who is a perfectionist, under a lot of pressure from the production company to appear on track and a COMPLETE contrast from the calm and organized CHris Weitz, as well as fans and media and twitter all a buzz about the reshoots, if no one is feeling stressed, they simply aren't human.

There is lot's going on so the idea that there were some disagreements or even fights isn't shocking and I am not sure why people are so quick to dismiss it.... disagreements with co-workers, like reshoots in film-making, are all NORMAL!

If Rob was late or not I do not know entirely, I have heard from a few different people he indeed was. His security and driver were confirmed to be at the airport the day before, so if there is another reason for them to be waiting around when he isn't coming then let me know... but it seems he was a day late and it likely would have influenced the schedule of shooting as well as the moods of the director and others involved.

IF there was a "storm off" as a result of this high tension, I couldn't say but it wouldn't be unreasonable given the high stress level most people are experiencing surrounding this film... the fans are so passionate, the media is all over them, there is massive pressure to get it right and on time.

Stephenie Meyer in town does seem to indicate that it wasn't just "lighting issues" being fixed in reshoots, and I am still not sure why Summit is so keen to refute this, lighting issues or completely new scenes, it makes no difference, it is more time filming and now it is done. Whatever "it" was.

It is true, They did work long days Wednesday, Thursday and Friday starting as early as 5am and not ending until late in the evening (even as late as 9pm).Rob & Sam were spotted out for eats and beers Thursday as Rob didn't work that day, nor did he work Wednesday as scheduled! If this was because he was late, or stormed off, I wasn't there so I can't be 100%.

So lot's of long work days, with the exception of Thursday when they ended earlier and had a meeting then a screening for Rob, who brought Kristen & Sam Bradley along.

During Remember Me Rob apparently hadn't seen a final cut of the movie and we can all recall how effective his promotion was then (ie - "Whats the movie about? Good question, you've seen it right? What's it about? Just a guy's life" ha ha)

So, in the interest of effective promotion, Rob had to see a final cut and since he has had NO TIME to do so until now, being overseas filming, that is what he did Thursday evening.

I have removed the post from the temp. at the theatre who stupidly posted her account on everything about the screening including details as to who she was (I am certain this mornings meeting wasn't a good one) because she emailed me and asked nicely for it to be removed, recognizing her own stupidity in thinking it wouldn't be plastered all over every fansite in the Twilight World.

Bottom Line is the Twilight crew have left Vancouver and now we move forward, despite drama with various levels of truth.

So, with that, I would like to end with three things I am sure of:

#1-Don't believe everything you read
#2-Know that PR people are PAID to smooth things over
#3-Trust that the movie will come out and we will all go see it and all have different opinions on what we like and don't like.

These are the things I am sure of!

If you missed it:

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crooked smile said...

as usual always great post...i agree with everything...i don't have an opinion because i want to wait till the movie comes out to judge the director's work...still i'm crossing my finger for a good job with the final result

Twired Jen said...

Very well put Mandy! Great re-cap of everything...Cheers!
xo J

am_86 said...

I agree with you.

But I'd like to point out one thing which you didn't mention - she really dislikes Rob. And when she writes about someone she dislikes she lets her one interpretation of thing roam a bit too free. That's why whatever she says about Ron should always be taken with a grain of salt.

But yeah, she's definitely more reliable than Summit is. I do believe he was late, but I'm sure there was a perfectly good reason for that. Still it made things tricky for them and like you said with all things considering a big argument doesn't sound too outlandish.

Besides Laineys story has way too many inconsistencies to be totally accurate. And also Slade's tweet sounds too honest to be there just for 'PR'.

Oh and one thing, are you sure there was a screening? Because when I read that girls story I though it really sounded like bs.

am_86 said...

Oh and couple more things I forgot about my last comment.

Firstly I think the reason why Rob only worked 1 day instead of 3 is that for the first day he wasn't there and because they had to change the schedule in the end he wasn't needed for the 2nd day. I highly doubt he would storm off and refuse to film and make things even more complicated for anyone else (including his supposed gf Kristen) and then be seen smily in the city right after. Does that really sound like Rob? So he probably stormed off from the meeting because he was angry but didn't storm of in the way that he left earlier than he was supposed to.

And secondly Rob did see RM, he did a commentary for it before the Fallon interview you were refering to. But yeah, obviously he needs to see the movie for being able to really do any press.

Mandy's Mind said...

am_86 I am 100% sure of screening now, though I too didn't believe for sure at first I've confirmed it.

Thanks for the comments... I am excited to hear other's responses

Anonymous said...

I was disturbed by the woman's comments during the screening regarding Rob's comments about the movie. Her thoughts on Kristen did not seem outlandish though. I am disappointed that they do not feel better about their work. Do you think Summit will ever improve the script for them?

I think everyone is stressed out and I agree with you Mandy that tempers can flare when under stress. Sounds like typical work place theatrics!

Theresa said...

Thanks for your balanced perspective on things! I'm not too worried, except the adding more feeling between Jacob and Bella, UGH!! LOL!!

Jennifer W. said...

Rob is not a very positive person if you listen to him in interviews when it comes to his performance in movies. He doesn't think that he is a great actor so he is always belittling himself. So, his comments really don't suprise me that much. He is very self depricating which Kristen is always getting onto him about in interviews.

Thanks for the information Mandy! I really enjoy reading your account of things that happen.

Aleisha said...

Thanks for such great updates! Regarding the woman at the screening (I just googled & read her comments), it just didn't make sense that they would let a temp who only had two more days (as she said) do something like that... wouldn't they want a permanent employee who would have more of a reason not to blab what she saw???

Regardless, I know I will love the movie. I get that the script/acting has some issues, but it's like I am able to just totally forget that because I'm so happy such wonderful books are coming to life. And because the actors and actresses are all just so beautiful. Yeh, I'm biased.

Anonymous said...

First off, I think Eclipse will be GREAT. The trailer got me really excited, I think it looks awesome, and can't wait until June 30th!

I think it must be hard to have different directors on each film . . you get used to one director, and then you're off to the next one . . . that can't be an easy adjustment for anyone. I'm sure there has been conflict, but really, what does it matter to any of us? In the whole scheme of things it doesn't affect us in any manner, as long as our promised film is delivered on time, which no doubt, it will be. I find that Twihards in general are a very hard group to please, no doubt because we all fell in love with these books for our own reasons, hold them close to our hearts, and somehow feel it's 'owed' to us that the movies do the books justice. Well, let's all just get over that. No one's ever gonna be 100% about any of these movies, and that's ok, I love them all, just as they are. Spider Monkey and all. :P

With the progression of twitter and blogs reporting up to the minute twi happenings, we all tend to get a bit caught up in what's going on with the cast, who's doing who, where and when. Not that there's anything wrong with that . . it can just get a bit much sometimes. Like the girl who, while doing her JOB, had an opportunity of a lifetime to a) see Eclipse, regardless of whether or not it was with sound, got to b) be in the same room as Rob & Kristen, which alot of people would give their right arm for, no doubt and c) SHOULD BE FIRED FROM HER JOB FOR BREACHING SUCH CONFIDENTIALITY. Seriously, are you looking for that much attention that you write an article like that? I have to admit, yes, I read it, and yes, I was pissed that I had read it. It was rubbish, and shouldn't have been written, ever. And saying things like Robert was touching KStews ass . . . c'mon. That's like totally crossing the line, because you were GETTING PAID. WORKING. EARNING AN INCOME. Not playing gossip cop and betraying those involved. I could understand going home & 'squeeing' that you had the most amazing day at work . . . not going home and writing all about it and posting it on the world wide web for all to view. Anyways, that's how I feel about THAT, my opinion only . . . and that's the thing about opinions, is that everybody's got one. :P I do feel kinda 'used' that I now have that girl's opinions about Eclipse in my head . . . I need to go back and reread the book so that I have a clean slate when it's time to view the movie. LOL

Mandy, you as a blogger have always been respectful, in my opinion, and I've been a fan of your blog since the day I 'came out' as a Twihard. Your postings are never hurtful or malicious (tee hee), and I enjoy my daily dose of Twilight news from your perspective. I've had the opportunity to meet you in person a few times, and you're just lovely. So thanks for the blog, keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

You know what Mandy?
First of all I'd like to thank you for your set reports and your kindness.
You, unlike some other people reporting about this re-shots/pickups/whatever - like Lainey, for example - are really nice and polite and you always keep a moderate tone.
I appreciate that.
Second..about those re-shots..I honestly think I shouldn't have followed a movie process as closely as I did with this movie saga.
I'm 100% positive it didn't help in terms of drama and grumpiness and all the things you go through if you get probably too attached.
it actually drained all energies from me and got me all angry and sad sometimes.
I wish I could say I won't follow BD production, for my own sake, but it'd be a big fat lie LOL
Personally I don't think Robert is a diva, he made a pretty good impression to me when I met him. he was very kind and polite and genuine. But of course, we're not buddies, I have no way to know what really goes through his mind or in his life.
I just wish I can go to the movies next June and enjoy this movie, even if Eclipse is my least favorite book and despite cast replacements and horrible wigs.
Thanks for sharing <3

brandy3369 said...

"I have heard there needed to be MORE Jacob/Bella in the film and deeper emotion with the two of them in scenes. Take that as you will."

That's really interesting considering David's tweet a few months back about adding more Edward/Bella during post-production. (SM?) I think maybe because Jacob/Bella's "rain" and "bedroom" scenes in NM were able to invoke strong emotions between the two actors, that by comparison the "pick me" scene - bad hair, too-revealing natural light and all - just wasn't as up to par for some. I know everyone points to the wig in that scene, and rightly so, but from the moment I first saw the preview I took issue with the with even Mr. Clean appeared in those shots. Something about his hair and eyes seemed just as lacking as Bella's frizz. No likey at all. Now throw some water on them - BANG! :) Easy.

As to all the drama, pfftt, it's just makes for soap-opera fun. I believe a lot of what was reported for the same reasons you listed, but aside from enjoying a little popcorn gossip, at the end of the day I'm still ticking off the days on my calendar until the film's premiere. And thank you for keeping such a great blog!

Alison said...

I disappear for a four day vacation and all kinds of Eclipse drama appears. LOL! Thanks for the recap Mandy. I find it interesting the comments that there's a belief that Lainey 'hates' Rob and therefore will skew her comments because of that. I don't think she hates him. She just doesn't think he's the most talented, most handsome, most wonderful human being on the planet as some Twi-hards do. I think this latest post takes on a bit of a snarky air because Gossip Cop basically called her a liar when she initially posted about reshoots weeks ago. And let's face it, these were reshoots, not pick-ups, and I agree with Mandy....why Summit would deny this escapes me. Then again, they did recast Victoria, so they don't really have a good track record on good decisions. But back to this post and Lainey's comments. Do I think Rob was late, yes. All signs point to yes. The question I have is was this miscommunication, travel/airport, or intentionally caused? I'd hope it was one of the former instead of the latter. If it was unintentional, I can see there being a 'blowup' and/or a 'storm-off.' But was it a fight between Rob and Slade? Maybe...but maybe not. Most likely all of this is based upon someone's interpretation of what they saw. It's possible he stormed off, but not because of Slade but because of the situation. Not abandoning the shoot and being uncooperative, but leaving because he now wasn't needed that day due to the lateness situation.

Regardless, it's over, and the reshoots are done. Let's just hope it was all worth it. I don't know if I can handle two hours of Bella and Jasper with those busted ass wigs. LOL!