Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oprah's Twilight Saga Eclipse Screening

Today everyone who "won" a spot on Oprah's Twilight Saga Eclipse show got to watch a rough cut of Eclipse in preparation for tomorrows taping of the Oprah show.

The Oprah Show will air May 13, 2010.

Fans who applied to be on Oprah's show were lucky enough to be brought in a day early to see the film.

I was not there, but several friends were and here are some reports:

-It is better than Twilight and Eclipse

-There is a leg-hitch and it is hot

-There is way more Bella & Edward kissing and making out

-Jasper's wig is horrible but Bell'as is better

-Backstory on Jasper & Rosalie (Jasper on a horse)

-Taylor topless A Lot

-far more emotional

-they included everything from the book (this seems impossible but is awesome to hea)

-Parts were animted wolves or raw cgi and voice overs as it was a raw cut

-amazing battle scene the actors were obviously well trained & the moves looked real for each character

-So much more Alice and Jasper interaction

-awesome proposal

-so many exact quotes from book

-a lot more humour and jokes

TwiFans and @RobPattzNews posted/tweeted fan responses also.

Lot's of this isn't surprising as I have read the script and saw a lot of live filming. See my script vs Book comparison here though it has some spoilers.

If you were there PLEASE feel free to add comments below. Also if you have questions, comment below and I will get them answered for you. My question is a total spoiler but I want deets on Bella's "flash" of her future life with Jacob.... and the tent scene.... I am not Team Jacob but I am Team Taylor tee hee.

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