Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kristen Stewart Fingers the Paparazzi in Australia

If I was jut smoking on my balcony I would be annoyed at stalkers snapping my photo and I would finger them and call the police. But I am a nobody! Kristen Stewart is a somebody and at the moment one of the top sombodies in the world. I think getting her a private balcony or a room to smoke in would be a better idea so she isn't subjected to this. If all else fails and she must do this, facing the window, looking away would be best if she doesn't want to be photographed... Lastly, I would personally not have recommended she fingers the photographers who will then make a lot of money on a shot like this... just me?

We know sheis bad-ass so it isn't that shocking - but the tabloids will go nuts with it - I wouldn't be surprised if someone ran the story "Kristen fingers her ex and return to the room to make love to Taylor while Rob waits below in anguish" or some BS




Quilt Nut said...

if she didn't want her picture taken, than she shouldn't have gone on the balcony.

Ami said...

Ok Mandy, I so agree with you!! well said

Lattecoug said...

So, she whines in Elle about the lack of privacy, comparing herself to a rape victim, blah, blah, then turns around and does something like this with that snarky "I'm so cool, f-you" look on her face to obviously provoke the media.

How does this not look like a self-absorbed teenager choosing to perpetuate the very attention she *claims* to hate? It's hard to empathize with her when she does stuff like this.

Jeez, kid, either get a better publicist or start taking his/her advice and grow up.