Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Monday

Happy Monday!

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I hope the Americans are enjoying their holiday long weekend (while the rest of us are back to work as usual)

I posted a lot over the weekend so scroll down and click through to ensure you idn't miss anything.

highlights include:

-Australian Press Junket
-Celebs Weekend Excursions
-Magazine Scans
-KStew gives the finger to Auzzie Papz
-MTV Movie Award Ads
-Twilight Celeb Gossip
-Water for Elephant Set Photos

Scroll down to ensure you didn't miss anything ;)

How was Your Weekend?

Mine was good, I started reading Black Dagger Brotherhood Series. The first book "Dark Lover" is the story of "Wrath" and I am loving it. Have only a few chapters left. Thanks to everyone who recommended it.

Overall we relaxed this weekend. Did some housework, read, very peacful weekend.

I spent some time with my hubby and although we had "date night" planned Saturday evening we actually opted to stay in and have date night which was more affordable and enjoyable.

Lastly, our kiddo had a slumber party, a friends birthday party and a few hours at the swimming pool.


I wish it was another long weekend but I am content with working all week in preparation for L.A. in just over a week - YAY!

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jaygeeem said...

You will love the BDB. It's pretty steamy but it is a great series.