Wednesday, June 2, 2010

L.A. Baby - One Week to go

I am seriously unbelievably excited to be going to L.A.

One week to go and one week in L.A.

Wednesday Night I am still not sure where I am staying, I think a lil cheap hotel near the airport will suffice, just to get some shut eye. Then Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday I am at the Hyatt for the Twilight Convention which runs June 11-13.

So many cool new guests were added, I am so excited to see all the cat again and hopefully a few I haven't met.

I am also excited to be attending Jay Leno on the 15th since Robert Pattinson is his guest! Amazing!

I have tickets for a few other talkshows but we will see how time and energy levels are.

Hoping to get out for a peak at the Water for Elephants set but again not sure on when due to such an action packed week.

I thank those of you who have donated to my blog, it's really fantastic to see the support and I am excited to be doing draws for awesome prizes for those of you kind enough to donate.

I will be tweeting live from L.A.

My twitter account is @mandysmind and if I get locked up for too much tweeting my back up account is @maliciousmandy1 (I never use that account anymore except if I am locked up - which I may on Saturday at the convention!)

Also I plan to blog each night as much as possible but keep in mind for the Vancouver Convention it took a few days to get EVERYTHING up - so likely quick summaries and teasers until I am home ;)

Thanks so much for your continued support - I promise to bring you all the goods while I am away next week.... I am so excited!

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caninecologne said...

have a great time at the convention! looking forward to your posts!