Saturday, June 5, 2010

Life Unexpected Filming

I remember being downtown with Amy and seeing filming at the Art Gallery. We knew it wasn't Twilight, but thought it may be Fringe so we parked and went by to peak.

"Life Unexpected"

What the heck was that? We had no idea so we googled it and saw it was a new show coming about a teen aged girl and her young parents....

We saw a cute young blonde girl, a brunette and a a cute guy I recognized from the short-lived television show "Valentine" (Kristoffer Polaha)

At the time I assumed they were all friends, and it was supposed to be outside a school or college... little did I know that it was the parents and lawyer after just getting custody of their previously adopted/foster care child they gave up while still in highschool.


Anyhow, I am a huge fan of the show now and wanted to share the photos.

Pretty cool eh?

I love pretty much everything filmed locally - or am at least willing to give it a chance... I am glad I did with Life UneXpected because it is an amazing show!!

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