Monday, May 10, 2010

Iron Man 2 - My Review

I saw this Friday (opening night) with a group of friends in IMAX. It was a great night, Eclipse posters up, Eclipse IMAX Trailer on the big screen, then Iron Man 2 - which I did a review for here.

I Loved Robert Downey Jr !! He reprised his role as Tony Stark and had the perfect charisma, attitude, sexiness. Something about his as Tony Stark is friggin' hot!

I am not a huge fan of Gwyneth Paltrow, though she used to be awesome in recent years she hasn't impressed me much. In the first Iron Man I really enjoyed the banter between her character, Pepper Potts and RDJ's Tony Stark and this movie it was even better. She had more of a role in this movie and I didn't hate her.

Scarlett Johansson was looking hot. She was a bit random and I was confused on if she was really an important role or not but she was pretty to look at. She had a few great lines but mostly just filled the "hot girl" quota for the flick (Because let's face it, that will never be Gwenyth Paltrow's job)

Mickey Rourke was absolutely AMAZING as Ivan Vanko in this movie. I was thoroughly impressed, he exuded the perfect amount of evil, malice and confidence to completely creep me out in a good way. He was haunting and it was fantastic!

Sam Rockwell as Mr. Justin Hammer was an annoying, but entertaining character. I think he is supposed to be annoying, so mission accomplished. The same goes for Garry Shandling as Senator Stern - though there is a great court scene thwt I enjoyed and laughed fairly hard at, that was entirely Robret Downey Jr.

Samuel L Jackson is always kick-ass and I enjoyed him as Nick Fury, though the story didn't feel developed enough and since I don't follow comic books I was wanting a bit more explanation on him and Natalie Rushman / Natasha Romanoff.

Seeing Don Cheadle instead of Terrence Howard was an adjustment, I tend to get attached to actors as characters in series and HATE casting changes, but I adapted quickly. Loved seeing "War Machine" especially when Iron Man & him have a lover's spat.

Even as a non-comic book geek/follower I could see the potential of upcoming movies (Avengers - 2012) it was exciting. I advise those who haven't seen it to wait until after the credits, like with the first movie, for a brief but telling clip.

So to summarize:

Good - RDJ, overall Casting, chemistry of characters, action sequences, dialouge

Bad - too many subplots that non-comic book fans may not fully appreciate, random time wasters that could be better used, flow (middle was a bit slow at times)


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