Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kellan Lutz LAX - it's travel time

KLutz was pap'd @ LAX International Airport last night (August 18) heading out to see the world and get some R&R before filming starts for Breaking Dawn in the fall.

KLutz was quoted as saying:

“I actually just got back from doing three movies in a row, all back-to-back. It was really cool to be a part of those projects, but it’s nice to have down time, me time, dog time and family time.”

“And I want to go to Turkey really bad. Istanbul, Iceland and Ireland. And somewhere to get away and get a tan before I have to be all pale for a while. But just relaxing because “Breaking Dawn” is going to be a big movie to shoot.”


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wig4usc said...

Good for him, and it looks like he has friends to go with!