Sunday, August 15, 2010

More Stories from Montreal

A friend of mine was heading to Montreal so I suggested she chat with a gal I know from Montreal who I know is quite successful at celebritiy sightings while being (what I consider to be) quite respectful (again to each their own but I think Iz is great) anyhow - I got an email fom S telling me all about her time in Montreal and meeting Rob and Tom...

K, so went to Montreal yesterday to ‘sight-see’ but hoping against allllll hope that the sight I might see would be Rob. Nope. (I later hear they allegedly were in old Montreal, I just managed to miss them. Grrrrrrr). I had plans to meet up with a couple of new Twitter friends to continue the search. I met up with Iz & M to tour around Montreal, old & new
– to see what we might see. Hit up a locale that Kristen had been previously sighted at, but no luck tonight. Iz & M stayed on top of Twitter, keeping an eye out for sightings.

Finally, as midnight approaches, M (I think – it was all such a blur!) got a DM, Rob’s been sighted. We BOOTED it down to the restaurant.

We walked around the corner, looking for the restaurant. Found it. Eek! I went in, asked for a table for 3. As we were waiting for the dude (John?) to check for a table for us, I think it was M noticed TomStu through the bamboo wall-type thing ostensibly blocking that table from view. I glanced through, and what do I see - a ball cap with an LB on it & a white t-shirt. Oh holy fuck – it was Rob. We’d actually found him! And they are
3 feet away from us! At this point, my trip is complete. Success! We found him (with help of course)! We grab our table, but I for one have HUGE ants in my pants. Our table is NOT in view of his, I can barely see if they’re still at it, and don’t want to get caught staring (which is my one regret from the eve – I spent much of the time not staring at
him, as I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable/seem like a nutbar). We all agree, best way to meet/see him, is when he comes out for a smoke break! We head outside, eagerly awaiting a smoke break. EUREKA! Out comes Rob, Tom & a random woman (turns out to be Sam Riley’s wife?). We all had such opposite desires. M wanted to run and hide – and DEFINITELY did not want to bother him. ‘Iz’ was dying to just get an autograph from them, and I was dying to just stand beside them and listen in, but didn’t want to
bother them either. Iz finally went over as they were heading back inside & asked Rob for his autograph. I looked over to M, who was long gone, and thought – wtf – wait for me! I went over quickly as well, didn’t ask for an autograph, had an awkward exchange with TomStu – wherein he didn’t know I was with Iz, so was trying to usher me inside, so now I’m blocking the doorway, not wanting to go in – finally backed up a bit, had a few
words with Tom, who was SO not in the mood to be chatty with me, which is fine, I have no problem with that, I don’t blame him. Rob dropped the pen as he was trying to sign for Iz, so adorable. Iz then got TomStu’s autograph, and they went in. We went back to the sidewalk.

More & more people seemed to be materializing; seemed perhaps word was getting out. Orrrr everyone else had figured out that the way to meet them was to hang out outside.

So we camped on the sidewalk. I occasionally ventured inside the resto to give myself the ‘chance’ to bump into him by the loo or on the stairwell, to no avail.

They all came out again. They walked past us, then I see this figure in a white shirt re-enter my peripheral, I instinctively look up, and holy shit-balls, it’s fucking Rob, looking for a lighter. OMG, OMG, OMG. He’s so close to me. Wow. Rob’s lighter died (or he didn’t have one? Again, not looking, trying to be respectful – moron) and all of a sudden Iz is all ‘here Rob’ with a lighter for him. Rob: ‘Oh thanks’ Mystery
Female Friend (MFF): ‘ I’ll take it.’ Rob lights his cig, (not sure who hands it back to Iz). I’d just like to point out that during this exchange, Rob is maybe 4 feet from me.

SQUEE! I’ve never been so thankful to be hanging out with a smoker in all my life!

Now the street was a little fuller (still maybe only 10-20 people) so they parked themselves inside the doorway of the building across the little cobblestone street to have their smoke. After their smoke, they started to progress inside, this time some guy walked up to him to ask for a pic for his gf (?) and the MFF acted as Rob’s bodyguard & intervened. I thought that was sweet of her. The group went back inside; we followed
shortly. We later came out again as we could see flashes going off outside, the preening peacock ladies (as I’ve now labeled them) had gotten their hands on Rob & were getting pics with him. I decided, ‘well, as long as they’re bothering him’, and proceeded to go over for my pic, just as the restaurant manager(?) intervened, said no more pics. The girls
whined, ‘one more – she’s the birthday girl’ and Rob acquiesced for the last girl of their group.

I accepted defeat, as I wasn’t that keen on disturbing him anyway, and returned to the sidewalk. At this point, Iz and M felt we were looking a bit ridiculous, hanging out on the sidewalk as long as we were. They went for a quick trip to grab a new lighter (damn
you Rob! You emptied it! jk).

At this point, the street had cleared out quite a bit & I thought this might be my chance to chat with Rob and Tom if they came out for another
smoke, as there was hardly anyone around. Instead, some non-famous guys came out – we chatted a bit, and were on our merry way.

Drove by upon exiting to see if they’d come out for a smoke yet. Nope.

Secretly planned to return to the scene, as I didn’t give a HOOT what anyone might think about me hanging out all night on the sidewalk, but alas, it was after closing by the time Iz & M were returned home.

As I drove home, I reminisced. I can not believe that it happened. I might’ve gone there for the purpose of meeting Rob, but not in a million years, did I think I’d be successful!

Now next time….


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wig4usc said...

Good story...I, for one, and I know this is a personal thing, don't like asking for autographs when people are out and about, doing their thing with friends and family. I don't mind saying "hi" or something, like in this siutation, where you're not interrupting them. I would have been the same as your friend and not wanted to intrude. I think while some may think that was silly or a missed opportunity, I think there's dignity in that!