Monday, August 16, 2010

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Kissing in Montreal

It's true, they were finally photographed kissing, one wonders if they will get peace at last now that "proof" is out - I doubt it.

I feel bad that these photos are such an invasion of privacy.

I know some feel fans asking for photos outside a set or in a restaurant when they leave is an "invasion of privacy" and if so, then I have done that, however, these photos are super zoomed inside their hotel....

not cool.

Nonetheless, they are out there now and I shall post them here for all the Robsten's to drool over... but promise me this... now that it is undebatable.... that they are an "item", can we move on?

Please can we let them make out and do their own thang in privacy?

Let's not put a price on their head and encourage paparazzi to chase them down... let them be happy and in love and make out all they want.

Focus on their careers and maybe some baby-making later ha ha...

The last thing we want is over publicized paparazzi photos forcing the couple apart...

let them live...


OK - here are the photos in case you live under a mountain (yes, even people under a rock have seen them)

The last one is adorable! Admitedly, they are uuber cute, but imagine you were being photographed hrough a window while making out with your secret lover.... I wonder if they will respond? I predict they pull a Jay Z & Beyonce and just keep it on the do not discuss list (as they should) it is their personal lives... and the less public celebrities personal lives are, the longer and more successful they stay (relationships last longer if not constantly thrown around in the public eye)

Anyways -

More Photos at Celebuzz.


Quilt Nut said...

here's my thoughts. I don't think this kiss was anything more than, let's give the fans/paps something to talk about. Kristen is all over Rob in the pictures and what is he doing? standing there with his arms by his sides? to me if someone was kissing me like Kristen is kissing Rob, I would be participating. know what I mean?

and yes, fans/paps, need to leave them alone!!! regardless of what they are doing, let them live their lives.

Jessica said...

It looks like legit affection to me. But either way, I agree. Leave them alone. Let them live their lives. They are not Bella and Edward, the fans need to realize and seperate that. Mandy you are totally right- don't turn them into #1 target for paparazzi and totally submerge them in the fanfare and pursuit that they despise. They are normal and well adjusted actors, let's keep it that way!

True fans- BOYCOTT any pap photos of Rob and Kristen