Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nikki Reed on life, Breaking Dawn and True Blood

In an interesting turn of events, Nikki to play a werewolf on "True Blood"? What? She hasn't seen the Breaking Dawn script! Is that normal?

In new interviews with Nikki Reed ("Rosalie Hale" in the Twilight series), she has expressed her feelings about where things are in her life and career and where she would like them to be.
Speaking to Cinema Blend, Reed revealed that she's not sure where The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 will be split because she hasn't seen the script yet. "They haven’t told us yet. We haven’t even received the scripts." Considering Breaking Dawn's rehearsals and pre-production isn't scheduled to begin until later this fall, that's not a big surprise. So everyone can take a deep breathe and relax.

One script Nikki has seen and worked on is Catch .44. Guess who co-stars in the film with Nikki?!?! Go ahead, guess! You give? Ok, I will tell you since it leads us into the Werewolves part of the blog. The other co-star of Catch .44 is True Blood's star Deborah Ann Woll. Nikki Reed has never been shy about being a fan of the series, so when she talked to MTV, she merely mentioned her interest in becoming a guest star for the show. Nikki and Deborah had at-length discussions about each others' series, and Nikki hopes to make a stop at the True Blood set to pitch the idea of her coming into the cast as a werewolf to Alan Ball.

Tell me that isn't ironic. Afterall, Rosalie totally despises werewolves. Hello? Do you remember in Breaking Dawn when Rosalie reluctantly prepared Jacob Black's (Taylor Lautner) meal and she threw the food in bowl that she hand made and sketched "FIDO" on?

Seriously, you know that is funny. Especially when you take into account that Rosalie seriosly has no love for the wolves in the book. I guess it is only fitting that Nikki would play a werewolf in True Blood. As Nikki would say in true Rosalie fashion, "Enjoy Mongrels". Talk about walking on both sides of the fence. Good luck Nikki. I hope you get to play a werewolf in True Blood. That would definately interest fans from both camps


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