Monday, September 13, 2010

Casting Change in The Sacred Oath - Kiowa Gordon

I heard about this book because of my friend Candace Charee' who is also doing a song for the movie. Now there is a casting announcement Twilight fans will enjoy:

Now for the news that will knock your socks off! Due to circumstances beyond our control, the part of Dasan will be changing hands. But you'll be happy to know that filling those awesome Guardian shoes is...
Kiowa Gordon!
Yes, ladies, I hope you're sitting down for this! Kiowa Gordon has agreed to play the part of Dasan ...for the film adaptation of The Sacred Oath! Can a hear a "howl" of delight...?


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Denise Bartlett said...

Hey, If you want a copy of The Sacred Oath, signed by the author, D. C. Grace, come on by
This is really great news, these guys and gals are gonna ROCK the film version!